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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Jonah Hex with sound clips and images.
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(Note: Special thanks to Foxwolf for the Bill McKinney and Adam Baldwin clips.)

Jonah Hex is one of DC Comics' Cowboy Heroes (and one of their most known) as he made his Comic Book debut in All Star Western #10 in February and March of 1972. Jonah Hex is a Bounty Hunter whom was a Confederate Army soldier whom is known for his amazing shooting skills and his horrifically scarred face (which he got that scar from a scheme set-up by the treacherous envious son of the Apache Indian Chief that Jonah saved). Jonah Hex has a very surly and a highly cynical personality but he has a personal code of honor that he will always protect and serve the Innocent from the forces of Evil. Jonah Hex is also known as "The Mark of The Demon" (which is the name of the procedure that gave him his scar) and is frequently involved in Time Travel stories but its generally when he is working with other DC Super Heroes.  

Created by Pokejedservo on Dec 10 2011
Special thanks to Music Meister for additional sound clips.


Today on the DC Universe VC section we take a look at this known Western Anti-Hero with the really scarred face... JONAH HEX! Since this is a pretty decent sized VC I think I will go with Phil Morris and Jim Cummings the most here. The late Bill McKinney's work on the role did seem a little strange at first but do keep in mind that Jonah is depicted at being considerably older in this show though but it is a rather interesting take on the role nevertheless. Adam Baldwin's take on the role was pretty good but a little on the generic side compared to the others but it certainly wasn't a bad performance nevertheless. Thomas Jane's work did have a very rough and fairly deep-voiced feel which does work with the role pretty well though while I am aware that Jonah Hex is an Anti-Hero but sometimes Thomas' work on the role seems a bit more "Punisher" than "Jonah Hex". 

However Phil Morris had that deep, rough Southern-accented voice that felt very suiting for the role as his performance did suit Jonah's gruff-mannered nature but still sound genuinely heroic. Jim's voice for the role was very suitably gruff as his performance did suit Jonah's Anti-Hero nature (though I do notice on how Jonah does have an occasional sense of humor and Jim's performance definitely made it work rather well). Overall all of these guys did pretty well with the role but I am going with Phil Morris and Jim Cummings the most here.  



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