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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Felix Faust with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Feb 19 2011
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Today on the DC Universe VC section we shall go for this known practitioner of occult magic.... FELIX FAUST! We shall start this off with the 6th season of Super Friends namely the mid 80's series "The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardian" voiced by Peter "Optimus Prime" Cullen. Yes you read that right Peter Cullen was the first VA to voice Felix Faust and while its probably not strange to hear Peter Cullen doing a deep voice but it might seem a little strange to hear Felix Faust with a somewhat deep voice (especially considering the latter clips shown here). But to be honest I actually don't mind the fact that Felix had a somewhat deep voice in the Superfriends series as I actually do think that Peter Cullen's performance does help make it work. Peter's voice for Felix doe have a rather sinister feel and fortunately his performance does reflect well on how "Oppurtunistic" Felix can be. So in other words its probably one of the better "One-Shot role" performances in that show and I do admire Peter on how he was able to get a somewhat deep Felix Faust voice to work well, at least to me that is.

Nearly a couple of decades later Robert "Freddie Kruger" Englund voiced Felix Faust in 2 episodes of Justice League (and a Justice League Unlimited episode) and he was a suitable choice for the role. Robert's voice had an elegant (with a light British accent) but quite manipulative feel which is genuinely suitable for Faust as Robert's performance certainly followed suit. Robert played the role of Felix as a well-spoken gentleman whom may sound affable but it is quite obvious on how he is anything but. While its not one of the best performances in a DCAU animation feature it is still a very good example of the voice work in the Justice League shows nevertheless.

Dee Bradley Baker voiced Felix Faust for a couple of episodes in Batman The Brave and the Bold. While one could tell the difference between Robert's Felix Faust voice and his, Dee's Felix Faust voice and performance seem to be in spirit with Robert Englund's and if that was the case then I must say that Dee was pretty successful here. While Dee's Felix Faust voice does sound a bit younger than the others it still does work pretty well for the role here nevertheless. I did like on how Dee played the role of Felix Faust as quite the conniving little trickster here in which he pulls it off pretty well. I admit I wouldn't go so far as to consider this performance to be one of Dee's best in general but its certainly one of his better ones in this show.

Last but not the least is Brian Jepson in the DC Universe Online game and I was pleasantly surprised with how this performance turned out. Unlike the previous two VA's mentioned here whom played Felix as a scheming manipulator Brian played the role of Felix as a deluded madman whom is out for power in which Brian's performance is good proof on how that is a perfectly legit way of playing the role of Felix here. Brian's performance had a great sense of passion for the role that didn't sound too overdone and had a suitably sinister tone, basically a great example of the game's voice work. Overall I am not sure who to pick here as all of these guys did well in their own ways.



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