Enchantress / June Moone
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Enchantress / June Moone

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Enchantress / June Moone with sound clips and images.
Franchise: DC Universe

Enchantress is a fictional supervillan from the DC Universe. She made her debut in her first comic, Strange Adventures #187, in April 1996. June Moone was just a regular teenage girl when she stumbled upon in the Terror Castle. In that castle, she found a secret room which leads to a demon named, Dzamor. He then told Moone that she will be his defender of justice. The only way June turns into Enchantress is that she says the word, "Enchantress." Enchantress can revert back to Moone when Enchantress says her name again.

Created by FanGuy67 on Mar 3 2019


Between these two at this point, my pick goes to Kopp. It sounded like she portrayed Enchantress more mature and better while Enchantress from DC Super Hero Girls is intended for kids. 



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April Stewart
Brandy Kopp