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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Pasqually with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Chuck E. Cheese's

Pasqually P. Pieplate is conspicuously the lone human member of Munch's Make Believe Band. He plays the drums and sings for the band, which he somehow manages to do in between cooking all of the pizzas in the restaurant himself. He is an immigrant from Italy, and speaks with an exaggerated, stereotypical Italian accent. His favorite things in life are his mama, cooking pizza, making music, telling terrible jokes, and spending time with his friends. His comically large mustache may or may not be fake.

Pasqually's first voice from the original 1977 demos was John Widelock, who voiced all of the characters there. When the shows started being produced full time, voice actor Joe Spano was brought aboard to voice the chef. Spano had a few recording sessions he was unable to make, however, so Scott Wilson (who was already in the shows voicing Mr. Munch) ended up having to fill in for him. In 1984, Scott took over as him full-time. Scott stepped down from the role in 1986 when the voice recording for the shows was moved to Texas to save on costs; for these shows, Barney voice actor Bob West took over the role. Bob held onto the character until the cast overhaul in 1994, when Disney brought in Joel McCrary to handle Pasqually's speaking voice. Fans and franchisees, however, demanded that the old cast be brought back; so Bob returned to the role in 1996. Bob did his own singing for most of his time as Pasqually, but others filled in for his singing at times, too. For the few Disney-produced shows in the late '90s in which separate singing voices were recorded in New York, local musician Doug Moncrief stepped in to provide his vocals. For a few other scattered '90s shows, Chuck E.'s then-voice actor Duncan Brannan sang for him. After 1998, Bob was replaced by another Texas-based voice actor, Earl Fisher, who has voiced him for nearly all showtapes produced since and up to the present day. The only exception to this is that, for a handful of shows in the 2010s, CEC executive Jeremy Blaido stepped in to sing for Pasqually himself.

For the 1999 film Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000, Pasqually was portrayed by local Texas actor Steven Lange. However, because this was a live-action role, it is ineligible for inclusion here.

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