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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Cat in the Hat with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat is a tall, bipedal feline who made his debut in Dr. Seuss's 1957 children's book The Cat in the Hat. Aside from his unusually upright posture and humanoid mannerisms for a felinid being, he is most recognized by his cylindrical red-and-white-striped chapeau and red bow tie. The Cat is a whimsical and fun-loving individual whose particularly favored pastime is entering the homes of children who are bereft of merriment and doing everything in his unmeasured power to alleviate the doldrums of their dreary day. Although his intentions are well-placed, the Cat is passively ignorant of those who object to his shenanigans, which are often chaotic in nature and make a mess of the immediate surroundings. Regardless, he makes a point of being neat; when the impending presence of a parental figure becomes clear, he very quickly undoes whatever disorder he may've caused and promptly disappears as mysteriously as he arrived.

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1) Sherman: Sherman's performance is by far one of my favorites of any Seuss production. He has the eager whimsy down-pat without going overboard and he shows an amazing amount of range in his acting and singing within a 20-minute span. He has my vote for sure.

2) Short: Short has a goofily exuberant air about him that allows his character to leap off the screen while never crossing the line into being 'in-your-face', which puts him as my runner-up favorite.

3) Gibson: In spite of having just a little working material outside of a kind-hearted narrator, Gibson has enough vocal range to make the character sound genuine in that role and as a comforting figure to Mayzie in the special's climax.

4) Lanoil: Lanoil's sound has a slightly rough quality to it which is just a bit unusual, as are the inflections that suggest a more sly demeanor, but it's clear enough that he's enjoying himself in the part that the character never comes off as totally alienating.

5) Martinet: Like Gibson, Martinet doesn't have too much to work with outside of being a benevolent narrator, but his high, soft sound is fitting enough, and his singing's nice too. (On a side note, the progression in the Cat's song here keeps making me think of the Chicken Song from Spitting Image).

6) Adams: While Adams generally lacks the charisma Sherman had before him, he's still likable enough in the innocent and laid-back nature of his performance, even if his more upset moments aren't as convincing.

7) Lewis: Lewis is certainly energetic enough to give a little extra punch to the character, though it does sound a bit too clear that he's reading out loud on some lines.

8) Robinson: Robinson's take is more traditionally smooth and soft compared to Lanoil, though while the acting isn't really bad, the overall delivery doesn't sound as natural as Robinson was.

9) Edgerly: Edgerly does a pretty good impression of Mike Myers' portrayal, but unfortunately this version's uncharacteristically sardonic and mean-spirited nature feels rather out of place among the other candidates.



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