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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Fatso with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Casper

Fatso is the largest member of the Ghostly Trio - which also includes Stretch and Stinkie - and uncle to Casper. He is obese and loves to eat. 

Created by TylerMirage on May 27 2013
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The first VA to take a whack at Fatso was Brad Garrett, who lent his voice in the first theatrical Casper film, as well as the Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper television series (Jess Harnell later took over the role). Brad's naturally deep and booming voice lends itself well to a character like Fatso.

Jess Harnell, along with sharing the role with Brad in the series stated above, voiced Fatso in the second and third Casper movies. Although not a perfect match, Jess' ability to lower his voice makes him a very good replacement for Brad (and also gives him the title of voicing Fatso the most). 

Graeme Kingston was entrusted with the role in the all-CG Casper's Haunted Christmas movie. Although I'm not too familiar with Graeme's work, he does a pretty good Fatso voice.

The Casper's Scare School movie featured most of the characters in their younger days, in which Billy West voiced Fatso. Billy's voice is extremely low and rumbly as Fatso. I'm not sure how much of that was altered after the fact (because I know that Billy can go pretty low), but there was just something 'off' about the voice, in my opinion. I applaud Casper's Scare School for casting against type, but I think the results were mixed at best.  

This is a tough choice for me. Jess Harnell and Brad Garrett are my top two picks, but I think Brad's going to edge out Jess here.

Bonus Opinion: Who would I pick to voice Fatso? Fred Tatasciore, using his deep Hulk voice, but with a bit more "personality" thrown in. 



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