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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mr Mind with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Captain Marvel

Mr. Mind is one of the more prominent members of the Rogues Gallery in the Captain Marvel franchise whom made his Comic Book Debut in Captain Marvel Adventures #22 in 1943. Mr. Mind is a type of worm from Venus whom has the ability to control minds (though he has other abilities such as being somewhat invulnerable and can spin super strong silk at high speeds). Mr. Mind is a highly intelligent insect whom is known for manipulating villains far larger than he is and his specialty against heroes is to use his thought control to get his victims to turn on each-other. Mr. Mind is the last of his kind and while his normal form may look too innocuous to take seriously he has an evolved form where he turns into a monstrously huge worm that can cause some serious damage.

Created by Pokejedservo on Apr 20 2012
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Today on the Captain Marvel VC section we take a look at one of the most unique super villains ever... MR. MIND! Lets take a look here shall we?

Alan Oppenheimer- I will say this much right from the start that Alan's voice for the role is an interesting change of pace for Alan here. (Though I admit I do suspect that some pitch modification was done to Alan's voice for the role though I could be wrong.) Though Alan's performance does somewhat suit Mr Mind's persona (as an intellectual whom thinks he is smarter than everyone else). Anyways Alan's work as Mr Mind is a pretty good example of his work and of the voice work in the show.

Greg Ellis- Greg seems to be playing Mr Mind as a good old fashioned stuffy British-accented intellectual and he does do a good job in trying to make it work for the role here. Greg really plays up Mr Mind's arrogance rather well and while the show does try to have some fun with how absurd the premise of Mr Mind is, Greg does actually make Mr Mind sound a bit sinister as well. So basically Greg's work as Mr Mind is a good example of his work and of the voice work in the show.

Eric Bauza- I can understand the idea behind Eric's voice and performance namely trying to give Mr. Mind a deep bombastic voice to contrast with his tiny body. However it does kind of come off as a bit generic though but to be fair Eric's performance does have a decent sense of energy though. So Eric's work is not bad but not as memorable as Greg and Alan here. 

Overall none of these guys did badly but I will go with Greg Ellis a bit more with Alan at a close second with Eric a decent third.   



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