Sara Sidle

Sara Sidle

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Sara Sidle with sound clips and images.
Franchise: CSI

Sara Sidle was one of the CSI at the LVPD. Taken into the foster care system as a child upon the murder of her father by her mother, Sara had a rather lonely childhood, and always had difficulty bonding with other children. One of her physics teachers instilled in her a love for science, which propelled her to excel in school and eventually graduate as a valedictorian and be accepted into Harvard. She made her way onto the CSI team in San Francisco with a work-study position in the coroner's office, which she kept upon graduation. She would later meet Gil Grissom, her future husband, who would bring her in as a consultant on a case at the LVPD and end up asking her to stay.

Sara is passionate and often has trouble controlling her emotions, which sometimes causes her to lash out at both suspects and co-workers and frequently gets her into trouble. Her tumultuous upbringing often weighs on her mind, another cause for her sometimes overtly emotional behavior.

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In the two 369 Interactive-developed CSI PC games, Sara's on-camera actress Jorja Fox came in to reprise her role. She doesn't do a bad job, by any means, especially not for someone who hasn't had much VO experience, but she seems to suffer somewhat from the same problem as Marg Helgenberger in those first two games, which is the feeling of rushing through her lines slightly. Still, a good performance overall.

In the first two Telltale-developed CSI games, Kate Savage steps in. Out of all the performances in these games, this is by far the weakest IMO. Kate's slow delivery and overall lack of emotion make Sara sound like a teenage goth stereotype, and she doesn't even seem to be trying to imitate Jorja. There were multiple times in the gameplay footage I watched where I half expected Sara to just spontaneously fall asleep at the scene. Overall, not a fan.

After taking a hiatus for the third Telltale game (Deadly Intent) due to her character having been written off of the show for a time, Sara returns in the final game, Fatal Conspiracy, this time with the voice of Rachel Robinson. Rachel copies Jorja's pitch and accent nearly perfectly, and due to having much more VO experience, her acting is much more refined.

1. Rachel
2. Jorja
3. Kate



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