Catherine Willows

Catherine Willows

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Catherine Willows with sound clips and images.
Franchise: CSI

Catherine Willows was one of the senior CSI at the LVPD. Raised by a single mother (a showgirl), she was constantly moving around the country as a child, which caused her to struggle in school despite her high intelligence. This forced her to work as a stripper just to make ends meet. She became interested in police work because of one of her regular customers, a police officer, who would fill her in on key details of certain cases. She eventually joined the LVPD as a lab technician, and was quickly promoted to night shift supervisor.
Passionate and dedicated to her job, Catherine is always willing to do whatever it takes to solve a case. She also has a very sarcastic sense of humor.

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In the two Ocean-voiced CSI PC games, Catherine is voiced by her original on-camera actress Marg Helgenberger. Now Marg did a fantastic job playing the character on the show for many years, so she should understand the character more than almost anyone else, but somehow, this doesn't seem to translate exceptionally well to the VO world. I don't know if it's because of VO inexperience or just that she only did the game because she was contractually obligated to, but she just sounds off here, like she's rushing her lines. She's not terrible, per se, but she leaves something to be desired.

For the four CSI games developed by Telltale, Marg was replaced by Edie Mirman. Now Edie doesn't really have a perfect impression of Marg (her delivery is slower and her voice is noticeably lower pitched), but she still does a very good job of capturing the character's personality, pulling off both her serious and snarky moments well.

In the end, Marg is the only live-action Catherine, but for voice, Edie wins it for me.



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