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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Ikkaku Madarame with sound clips and images.
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Ikkaku Madarame is one of the various protagonists of the Bleach series and was one of the various characters whom debuted in the Soul Society Arc. Ikkaku is the 3rd seat in the 11th Squad in the Gotei 13, whom is very loyal to his captain Kenpachi Zaraki and tries to be very much like him. Ikkaku is a very loud and impatient man whom is always eager for a good fight but he does have a sense of honor as he firmly believes in the value of loyalty as he truly wants to be as strong as he can be. However despite all the bravado he shows Ikkaku is a very insecure man as he hates it when people call him bald and his strong sense of pride has caused trouble in the past in which he has been called out on it before.

Created by Pokejedservo on Apr 26 2012


Today on the Bleach VC section we take a look at Ol' "Pachinko-Head" himself... IKKAKU MADARAME! Lets take a look here shall we?

Vic Mignogna- Vic's voice and performance for the role does suit Ikkaku's hot-blooded impulsive personality rather well. While Vic's work on the role does suit Ikkaku's calmer moments (in which he certainly has some) Vic's work does get to shine a bit more when Ikkaku is being incredibly hot-blooded. So in other words Vic's work as Ikkaku is a good example of his work and of the voice work in the show.

Michael Sinterniklaas - A pretty good attempt at trying to sound like Vic (oh sure its not hard to tell the difference but his voice still does work with the role well enough). While granted he seems to be doing a somewhat more somber performance as Ikkaku (but to be fair that is also a bit more due to the episode) but still Michael's performance seems to suit the role pretty well too.

Overall both of these guys are good but I will go with Vic Mignogna a bit more here.



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