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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mu-12 with sound clips and images.
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Mu-12 is the ultimate final boss of the 2nd BlazBlue game Continuum Shift that you will end up facing in that game's "True Ending". Mu-12 is also known as the Eye of the Azure and the Sword of the Godslayer Kusanagi whom was designed to eliminate the being by the name of Amaterasu. Mu-12 is in a way a more advanced version of Nu-13 (and her alternate form Lambda-11) as Mu-12's fighting style is similar but more powerful. Mu-12 was created by Hazama's plot to manipulate her to destroy Amaterasu and its up to Ragna the Bloodedge to stop them.

Created by Pokejedservo on Aug 27 2011


Today on the BlazBlue VC section here is the VC for the final boss of the 2nd game in the series... MU-12! We shall begin with the console version of the 2nd BlazBlue game where she was voiced by Cristina Valenzuela (whom also voiced the likes of Noel, Nu-13 and Lambda-11). While this isn't the first time Cristina has done a voice for this series that was given robotic effects in the voice (namely the aforementioned Nu-13 and Lambda-11) but I did like on how Cristina's Nu-13 voice is a bit lower which makes it sound different enough from her Nu-13 and Lambda-11 voices. While Cristina's higher voices do often sound quite adorable her lower voices can certainly sound rather lovely and this is no exception. Now don't get me wrong I know that Mu-12 is generally known as a cold mechanical killing machine with highly suppressed emotional issues of course but still Cristina's voice and performance for the role was very fitting.

Now for Mu-12's Arcade Mode in the PSP and 3DS game BlazBlue Continuum Shift II apparently Cristina Valenzuela was not available to do any new voice work for that game so Julie Ann "Tsubaki Yayaoi" Taylor got to take over the role here. Julie's voice for Mu-12 does sound similar to Cristina's voice for the role and while its not impossible to tell the difference it is still rather similar. However one slightly odd aspect about this casting decision is that Julie's Mu-12 is kind of like a slightly lower version of her Tsubaki Yayoi voice with some robotic sound effects which all things considered does sound kind of strange. But in all fairness if you look at Julie's work as Mu-12 by its own merits Julie's performance does genuinely work for the role as she can sound cold and robotic but is also capable of giving a rather intense performance when lets just say Mu-12 gets a bit more emotional. Overall I will of course go with Cristina but Julie was very close and is one of the better stand-in performances in that version of the game here. 



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