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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Two-Face with sound clips and images.
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Two Face is one of the various members of Batman's Rogues Gallery whom made his comic book debut in Detective Comics #66 back in August of 1942. Two Face's original name is Harvey Dent whom was known as a heroic District Attorney for Gotham and an ally to folks such as Commissioner Gordon and Batman (and Bruce Wayne). Unfortunately due to a tragic incident (though the exact details depend on the storyline) half of Harvey's body was scarred, then Harvey went insane and became the criminal known as Two Face. Two Face has an obsession with duality as for example he likes to base his decisions on a flip of a coin on whether if he is willing to show any mercy or not.

Created by Pokejedservo on Oct 19 2011
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Today on the Batman VC section we have another VC for another one of Batman's various foes and this one is none other than... TWO FACE! I know its not a huge VC but I will just simply say that I liked Richard Moll and Troy Baker the best for this role as they definitely did a low gruff voice which was very suiting for the role here. While John Fitzgerald's performance was well-acted his voice for Two Face didn't really seem all that rough at all. James Remar had an interesting idea in playing up Two Face's duality by switching between a voice for Harvey Dent and a voice for Two Face but his Two Face voice was okay at best. And while Edwin Neal's voice for Two Face was definitely gruff and his performance suited the role well but his voice for the role was a bit too high as well. Overall none of these guys are bad for the role but I did like Richard Moll and Troy Baker for this role the most.



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Who do you think has been the best from these Two Face voice actors?
Richard Moll
John Fitzgerald
James Remar
Edwin Neal
Troy Baker
Wade Williams
Matthew Mercer
Travis Willingham
Billy Dee Williams
William Shatner
Eric Bauza
Robert Picardo
David Boat