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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Tony Zucco with sound clips and images.

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Tony Zucco is one of the Antagonists of the Batman franchise whom has been around ever since Detective Comics #38 that was released in April of 1940. Unlike the majority of the other Batman villains Tony Zucco is a normal criminal whom is normally known for his extortion schemes whom planned the deaths of Dick "Robin" Grayson's parents and is often only seen in Robin's origin story. The fact that Tony Zucco is an extortionist criminal and was behind the death's of Dick Grayson's parents remain highly consistent however there have been other factors that do depend on the story such as whether if he is the leader of a crime organization or just a low-level thug. While the story behind Tony and Robin is similar to the likes of Joe Chill and Batman, Tony is less likely to get any sympathy however alike Batman and Joe Chill, Robin doesn't kill Tony Zucco but Tony is generally at Blackgate Penitentiary (but of course whether if he stays there is a different story).

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Today on the Batman VC section we have a little something for this criminal in Gotham... TONY ZUCCO! We shall begin with the Batman Animated series in which Thomas F Wilson is the one whom voiced Zucco in the 2 parter "Robin's Reckoning". At first Thomas' voice for Tony Zucco seems a bit higher than I would think but then it grew on me fairly quickly and Thomas tried to go for the New Yorker accent for the role in which wasn't one of the best New Yorker voices I have heard but it was decent. Thomas' performance for Tony Zucco was fairly fitting as well as a young hotshot punk whom is a rather slimy negotiator (but I did like Thomas' delivery of when Tony Zucco was angrily vowing that the Circus Manager WILL have to call him soon). Thomas' work as Tony Zucco in the series seems to be comparatively average at best when it comes to this show's voice work but it is a pretty good performance nevertheless.

About 13 years after the Batman TAS 2-parter episode "Robin's Reckoning" aired in 2006 there was a "The Batman" episode called "A Matter of Family" in which Mark Hamill voiced Tony Zucco. Mark Hamill's voice and performance for Tony Zucco felt VERY natural for the role right from the start. Mark gives a different reason why he can do a villainous DC Comics  role well as he played the role of Tony Zucco as a smooth-talking slimy extortionist. Seriously Mark's voice and performance as Tony Zucco has a great mix of smooth-talking charisma and yet a rather sinister sense of sliminess. Mark Hamill's work as Tony Zucco is easily the best of the "One-Shot" characters in the show and a fine example of Mark Hamill's voice work. Overall while Thomas F. Wilson wasn't bad I am clearly going with Mark Hamill on this one.  



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