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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Poison Ivy with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Nov 3 2010
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Alright folks here is another VC for the Batman franchise and this time its for this Seductive Villainess of the Plant World namely POISON IVY! Unlike other known Batman characters Poison Ivy's VA debut was in the DCAU namely the highly renowned Batman the Animated series (among various other shows) were she was voiced by Diane Pershing. And let me say this right now on how Poison Ivy's VA history definitely had a nice start as Diane was quite fitting for Ivy's seductive persona. Granted Ivy's role in the show is a bit more than just a pretty face (among other things) and Diane was able to handle Ivy's more dramatic and serious-minded moments just fine as well. Basically its another fine example over how exceptional the voice acting in the DCAU can be.

In the not-as-successful (but has its fair share of fans) The Batman Ivy was voiced by Piera Coppola and I am aware that this is not exactly a really renowned take on Poison Ivy as viewers have complained on how this lacks the sultry appeal that Poison Ivy is normally known for. While I admit I do agree that this does not have as much appeal as Ivy is normally known for and is kind of cute at best but when viewed on its own merits its not that bad though. Why do I say this you ask? Simple its a bit more due to Piera's overall performance as Ivy here as while like I said it lacks the sultry charm that the other ladies whom have voiced Ivy but I do like on how Piera's performance does have a nice playful tone which does work with what the show was trying to go for. While I do admit that Piera's work is probably the weakest of the Poison Ivy performances here its still by no means a bad one though.

In the fairly renowned 2009 Video game Batman Arkham Asylum while some of the DCAU voice cast were able to reprise their roles in the game Poison Ivy was not one of them as Tasia Valenza took over the role. However the good news is that Tasia is quite a natural alternative as she was able to give a nice sultry tone for Poison Ivy just fine in this game. But to be fair this is no surprise as Tasia has a pretty good history of doing lower sultry voices for lovely ladies in video games and she is known for doing them well and this is by no means an exception. Tasia's overall performance is a nice mixture of sultry and insanely sinister and is another fine example of the game's rather stellar voice acting.

In Batman Brave and the Bold over the course of 2010 there were a couple of episodes that Ivy appeared in and was voiced by different ladies in both episodes. Ivy's initial appearance in "Chill of the Night" in which she was voiced by Jennifer Hale in which this sounds like a very good casting idea as her voice definitely works for the role the only problem is that Ivy had a rather small role in that episode in which she only had a few lines but the performance is very good nevertheless. In "The Mask of Matches Malone" Ivy was voiced by Vanessa Marshall and while you can kind of tell the difference in voices one can easily tell that Vanessa was trying to do her performance in spirit with Jennifer Hale's and for the most part she succeeded. Vanessa's overall voice and performance also by all means worked with the role as well (and fortunately Ivy had a somewhat bigger role in this episode in which fortunately Vanessa had more to work with and she did well with it.) Overall I am not entirely sure whom to pick as most of these ladies did very well with this role.

(Note: Cyndi Williams voiced Poison Ivy in DC Universe Online and while her voice for Ivy is not bad but it was perhaps a little too raspy. However to be fair Cyndi's performance definitely suited on how the game was more trying to go for Ivy's insanely motherly love for her plants. Not quite the best performance of Poison Ivy here but Cyndi's work on the role is definitely not the worst.)



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