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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Mr. Freeze with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Batman

Victor Fries was a brilliant scientist with a wife named Nora. Eventually Nora fell ill and left Victor with no choice but to cryogenically freeze her until a cure could be discovered. There was an accident, and then Victor became capable of living only in temperatures below zero. Victor donned a special, cold suit, took up the name Mr. Freeze and became an enemy of Batman. He fights using weapons that involve the cold, and is virtually emotionless.

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Created by NCZ on Mar 6 2011
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First off, I think the earlier ones (Lennie Weinrib and Ted Knight) were the weakest of these voices, Weinrib with that comical accent (though since Mr. Freeze was a less serious character back then, can't say I hold too much against him), and Ted Knight was somewhat generic. The other voice actors all brought in strong performances. Clancy Brown and Keith Szarabajka are deep yet fitting, and Eric Bauza isn't too shabby either. Considering his version seems to be more retro, John DiMaggio was the best of the "classic-style" Freezes for having an accent and yet not sounding goofy.  Out of all these voices, however, Michael Ansara stands out as the best. His performance was cold and robotic, fitting Freeze's bitter and emotionless personality. His voice really helped make "Heart of Ice" into a memorable episode. In the same spirit, Robert Kraft and Maurice LaMarche are both wonderful, reminding me very much of Ansara. I would rank them like so:

1. Michael Ansara
2. Maurice LaMarche
3. Robert Kraft
4. Keith Szarabajka
5. Clancy Brown
6. John DiMaggio
7. Eric Bauza
8. Ted Knight
9. Lennie Weinrib



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Who do you think has been the best from these Mr. Freeze voice actors?
Ted Knight
Lennie Weinrib
Michael Ansara
Clancy Brown
Eric Bauza
Keith Szarabajka
Robert Kraft
John DiMaggio
Maurice LaMarche
Townsend Coleman
Oded Fehr
Brian Silva
Peter Stormare
Jim Pirri
Matthew Mercer
Ralph Byers