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Killer Moth
Batman Batman

Killer Moth

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Killer Moth with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Batman

Killer Moth is one of the various members of Batman's Rogues Gallery whom has been around since Batman #63 in February of 1951. There have been 3 versions of Killer Moth the original one whom was millionaire philanthropist Cameron Van Cleer, the 2nd version Drury Walker whom came out in 1995 who was a bumbling crook nobody took seriously and the 3rd version of Killer Moth in which nobody knows who is Killer Moth this time. While these versions do have their differences (such as whether they stay as humans with Moth-like gear or become moth-like monsters) they have suits that give them flight, emit radar-sonar waves and have cocoon guns. While Killer Moth is generally considered to be a lesser known foe of Batman back in 1961 he was the original super-villain that Batgirl took on when she made her debut in the Batman comic books.    

Created by Pokejedservo on Jul 26 2011
Special thanks to UltimateCharm, Music Meister, TylerMirage for additional sound clips.


Today on the Batman VC section we have another VC for another Batman villain with a "Killer Animal" name theme... KILLER MOTH! Even though Killer Moth is known as a Batman villain his VA debut was in a couple of episodes of Teen Titans voiced by a different VA in each episode. In the first episode that Killer Moth appeared in titled "Date with Destiny" he was voiced by Thomas Haden Church. Thomas' gruff somewhat digitally modified voice does work with how Killer Moth is depicted here. Thomas' performance also suited on how Killer Moth can go from "Menacing Super-Villain" to "Single Father trying to be patient with his bratty teenage daughter" and lets just say its definitely an interesting performance for this series. In the 2nd episode that Killer Moth appeared in namely "Can I Keep Him?" Marc Worden gets to take over the role here. I liked on how Marc's voiced sounded very similar to Thomas' Killer Moth voice, sure there were times in which one could tell the difference but still Marc's voice sounded very similar. Marc's performance does reflect well on how Killer Moth is a bit more of a conventional villain in this episode as it does seem suitably evil enough and is a good example of how to do a "Stand-in" performance well.

Killer Moth's debut in a Batman animated series was in "The Batman" in which Killer Moth appeared for one episode voiced by Jeff Bennett. Apparently in this series Killer Moth is a Joke Character whom is depicted as a goofy dork whom wanted to be a menacing super-villain but is too inept to do so. Jeff's voice and performance for the role does definitely suit on how Killer Moth is a comically inept loser in this series rather well and is another interesting example of the voice work in this series.

Last but not the least is Corey Burton whom voiced Killer Moth in a episode of Batman Brave and the Bold. Despite on how Batman Brave and the Bold is generally a light-hearten comedic series Killer Moth's depiction in this series is rather serious as Corey's performance reflects it pretty well. I admire on how Corey's voice for the role is a good example on how a higher pitched can actually be kind of menacing. While Killer Moth only had a few lines in this series Corey's performance for the role does have a rather suitably sinister feel to it. Overall I am not entirely sure who to go with here as all of these guys have done well in their own way.

(Update: Scott Menville plays Killer Moth in Teen Titans Go! and while Scott is a fine VA this is another example of him having a rather miscast role in this show. While granted Scott is not the first VA to have vocal effects applied to his voice but they used them a little too much in which he sounds like a robot and it can occasionally hard to understand him. While Scott does make a pretty good attempt at try to do an old fashioned supervillain performance but his voice is just rather overdone. So basically Scott's work as Moth is not REALLY bad per say but it is clearly the weakest performance here so far.)



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