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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Hugo Strange with sound clips and images.
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Hugo Strange is another one of Batman's foes whom has made his Comic Book debut in Detective Comics #36 in February of 1940. Hugo Strange is a Super Villain whom relies on his genius intellect in subjects such as chemistry, biology and especially psychology (and while Hugo is known as someone whom is more for Brains than Brawn he is also well fit so he can physically match Batman). Hugo Strange was once a prominent psychologist whom was interested in the criminal mind however like certain other criminal psychologists he became a criminal whom has severely obsessive desires (such as being Batman for he feels that Batman is human perfection). Hugo Strange is also generally known as one of the only villains whom has ever figured out Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne (and feels that Bruce doesn't deserve to be Batman) but something always goes wrong before Hugo ever tries to exploit that fact.  

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Today on the Batman VC section we have a little something for one of the most manipulative Batman Villains around... HUGO STRANGE! In this case I will just simply say that I liked Corey Burton, Frank Gorshin and Richard Green the most here for this role. Corey's work had a genuinely sinister intellectual feel which was highly fitting for the role here and was a great example of the voice work in Arkham Asylum. I was quite pleasantly surprised at the late great Frank Gorshin's work as Hugo in The Batman (I mean seriously who would think that the guy whom played The Riddler in the 60's Batman TV series did this.) Frank Gorshin played Hugo as a more Affably Evil individual namely as someone whom seems to be an elegantly mannered gentleman but is actually quite sinister and does it well. Richard Green did a great job in imitating the late Frank Gorshin's work in voice and performance (in which in the voice one can only occasionally tell that the voice was any different) anyways both of these guys did one of the better performances in The Batman TV series. Adrian Pasdar's work while not as good as the aforementioned 3 actors but was pretty good in the role especially when his work is viewed by its own merits. While's Adrian voice for the role does seem a bit younger than the others his performance does suit Hugo's manipulative personality rather well. Ray Buktenica's work on the role is not bad but I do think is the weakest performance here. While Ray's performance was not bad as it does suit Hugo's manipulative nature his voice seems a little too light compared to the others and his attempt at a European accent did seem a little iffy. Overall I am going with Corey Burton, Frank Gorshin and Richard Green the most with Adrian Pasdar at a pretty good second and Ray Buktenica at an okay third.



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Ray Buktenica
Frank Gorshin
Richard Green
Adrian Pasdar
Corey Burton
Brian George
Jim Ward
William Salyers