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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Harley Quinn with sound clips and images.
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Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 3 2009
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The good Doctor Harleen Quinzelle shall be with us today namely the Joker's lovely assistant Harley Quinn!

Yes Harley Quinn, one of the most prominent examples of a "Canon Immigrant" and also a reason why the Batman Animated series is deemed so good it made Canon in the comics. Nevertheless her original (and current) VA Arleen Sorkin.

While Arleen's handiwork isn't exactly all that well known outside of voicing Harley but its not hard to see why Arleen's performance as Harley much like Harley herself is quite renowned. (And its not too hard to tell that Harley was made for Arleen by her good buddy the ever-so renowned Paul Dini.) But still Arleen was definitely able to bring out Harley's gleefully eccentric side rather well lets just say.

While Arleen voiced Harley though the majority of her animated appearances except for the not-so well received series "The Batman".

In "The Batman" she was in a couple of episodes or so voiced by Hynden "Starfire" Walch and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. When I heard that she was voicing Harley in that show I was feeling a bit uneasy but I was quite surprised on how Hynden sounded an awful lot like Arleen for sure. Both Harley voices are great but I will of course go with Arleen but Hynden is surprisingly a very close second.

(Update: In the Motion Comic "Batman Black And White" she is voiced by known Ocean VA Janyse Jaud, while I admit Janyse wouldn't be my first choice for this role when it comes to the Voice Actresses whom ever worked in Vancouver. But this worked out pretty well as her performance works out just fine as well. While I am still going with Arleen but alike Hynden I would say Janyse is pretty close as well.)



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