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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Yujiro Hanma with sound clips and images.

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Franchise: Baki the Grappler

Known as the Ogre for his immense strength and demonic back muscles, (Yes, really.) Yujiro is the single most powerful man in the world. He can rip through entire armies without breaking a sweat. He can stop an earthquake with his fist. No man, woman or beast stands a chance against him. He is the father of Baki Hanma, who was born solely because Yujiro wanted a worthy opponent.

Because nobody can stop Yujiro he lives life without restrictions. He does whatever he wants, takes whatever he wants, fights whoever he wants and doesn't care who or what he has to squash along the way.

For Funimation's dubs of the Baki TV shows he is played by Matthew Tompkins. In the more recent Netflix show Kirk Thornton plays Yujiro instead.

Created by Nightmare Crusher on May 18 2019


While I don't think Baki's Funimation dub is anything to write home about, Matthew Tompkins is in my opinion the single best thing to come out of it. His voice is sharp as a knife and oozes with equal parts charisma and arrogance. He somehow manages to sound unlikable while also commanding attention. It's an excellent fit for someone like Yujiro.

Kirk Thornton is an excellent actor and his Yujiro is very lively and Kirk does a good job really reveling in himself, as Yujiro should. Unfortunately, I don't think the particular voice he does is the ideal. Kirk is no stranger to deep and gruff voices, but instead he goes for this whispery, raspy one that just doesn't convey Yujiro's great strength. Hopefully if/when the next season of Baki gets dubbed he can switch this out for something more fitting.

As it stands right now I think Matthew Tompkins is the superior Yujiro.

Nightmare Crusher


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