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Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Astro Boy with sound clips and images.

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After his son Tobio Tenma (also known as Tobi and Aster Boyton) passed away, Dr. Tenma was consumed by grief. In his sadness, he created a robot in Tobio's image to be his new son - Astro Boy (Atom). Astro Boy wasn't identical to Tobio, however, so a frustrated Tenma abandoned him. Eventually, Astro is taken in by Professor Ochanomizu. Despite these initial difficulties, Astro Boy is considered a beacon of hope for both human and robotkind. While robots are not supposed to have a heart, it is undeniable that Astro Boy has a heart bigger than any human. Though he is outfitted for combat, Astro Boy is a symbol for peace and coexistence, and fights as often with his words and heart as he does with his robot body.

Billie Lou Watt was Astro Boy's first English voice in the 1960s series. Two dubs of the 1980s anime were produced. In the US based dub, Astro was voiced by Patricia Kugler Whitely, whereas in the Canada-based dub, he was voiced by Steven Bednarski. The 2003 anime was dubbed in Los Angeles and had Candi Milo play Astro. Freddie Highmore would portray Astro Boy in the 2009 CG movie. The Vancouver-recorded edutainment show Little Astro Boy saw Jennifer Cameron play the titular character. A later edutainment show, Go Astro Boy Go! was recorded in Miami, where Kevin Rodriguez played Astro Boy. Laura Stahl played Atom in the anime adaptation of Naoki Urasawa's Pluto. 

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