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Akira Akira


Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Kai with sound clips and images.
Franchise: Akira

Kai is one of the secondary protagonists of the 1988 anime movie Akira and is a member of Kaneda's gang. Kai is a short young teenage boy whom while rather minor compared to the likes of Kaneda and Tetsuo but does play a decent role in the movie nevertheless. While Kai is a loyal member of Kaneda's gang he is best friends with fellow gang member Yamagata as he stays with Yamagata even after the gang breaks up. Kai does play an important supporting role in aiding Kaneda later on in the film and is the more level-headed member of Kaneda's gang (well at least compared to the others that is).

Created by Pokejedservo on Sep 2 2011


Today on the Akira Voice Compare VC section we have a VC for the 4th member of Kaneda's gang (well that was actually named)... KAI! In the old Streamline dub of the movie Akira Kai was voiced by Bob Bergen. I was pleasantly surprised with Bob's work on the role as he does a fairly natural young male voice that does suit the role pretty well. Bob's performance as Kai worked pretty well too, in which if anything else its a lot better than Bob's work as Masaru I will say that much. Bob's work as Kai is a pretty good example of the Streamline dub of the Akira.

Now for the Pioneer/Geneon dub of the movie Akira, Anthony Pulcini gets to take over the role here. Anthony's voice for the role does suit the role pretty well (granted its a bit more nasally but it still does work for the role pretty well). Anthony Pulcini also did a pretty good performance as Kai which did work pretty well with the role and is a decent example of the Pioneer Dub of the movie. Overall both of these guys did pretty alright for the role but I must admit that Bob's work on the role is slightly more memorable in the role.    



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Who do you think has been the best from these Kai voice actors?
Bob Bergen
Anthony Pulcini