Socrates the Bobcat
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Socrates the Bobcat

Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Socrates the Bobcat with sound clips and images.

Number of Comparisons: 3
Franchise: Adventures from the Book of Virtues

Socrates the Bobcat, or "Sock" as he is informally known by his companions, is a rambunctious feline and the least enlightened of the animals of Plato's Peak. As such, he is a common cause of conflict aside from Zach and Annie. He often serves as a comedic foil to his frequent partner Aristotle, whom Sock tends to annoy with his antics. Socrates is voiced by Frank Welker in the original versions of the show's first two seasons, by Joseph Murray in the redubbed versions of the show's first two seasons and by Michael Donovan in the show's third season.

Created by CatsTuxedo on Dec 13 2013


I rather like how in this particular comparison, each actor elected to perform their own individual take on the character as opposed to directly imitating one or the other. Anyway, out of the three, Welker's sound is the most cat-like, which is helped by the lisp he adds to the character's speech. His acting's pretty good, too, with plenty of inflections to spice up his lines. Murray's delivery is noticeably more flamboyant than Welker's, though regardless, he acts well enough to make for a good stand-in. While one could argue that his sound for the character is inconsistent at times, I say it accentuates the character's goofy nature nicely, so I'm cool with it. Although Donovan's deeper sound detracts from the character's feline nature a tad, the considerable amount of energy he brings to the role certainly balances it out and helps make this a good performance in its own right. While all three did well as the character, I'm putting my vote on Welker.



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