Yokai Kitchen

Yokai Kitchen
US Release: Aug 01, 2019

Popularity: 3,712th All Time, 837th This Week

Yokai Kitchen Yokai Kitchen Cast

Characters On BTVA: 18

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Yokai Kitchen Cast

Natalie voiceNatalie voiced by 
Kira Buckland
Ryker voiceRyker voiced by 
Sean Chiplock
Brandon voiceBrandon voiced by 
Caleb Hackler
Crystal voiceCrystal voiced by 
Brittany Lauda
Jason voiceJason voiced by 
Jason Lord
Boo voiceBoo voiced by 
Elsie Lovelock
Edgar voiceEdgar voiced by 
Patrick Seymour
Olivia voiceOlivia voiced by 
Aimee Smith
Roxy voiceRoxy voiced by 
Griffin Puatu
Lil' Arie voiceLil' Arie voiced by 
Aimee Smith
Jasper voiceJasper voiced by 
Michael Zekas
Naomi voiceNaomi voiced by 
Corinne Sudberg
Owen voiceOwen voiced by 
Michael Zekas
Sue voiceSue voiced by 
Elsie Lovelock
Zach voiceZach voiced by 
Michael Zekas
Pam voicePam voiced by 
Elsie Lovelock


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