Tales of the Abyss (2006)

Anime | Fantasy

Tales of the Abyss
Voice Director: Wendee Lee

US Release: Oct 10, 2006
Japan Release: Dec 15, 2005
Europe Release: Nov 25, 2011

Game Developer: Namco Tales Studio
Voice Production: Cup of Tea Productions

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Franchise: Tales

Luke fon Fabre, the amnesiac son of the royal family, is accidentally teleported by hyperresonance away from his home alongside a girl named Tear. What starts as a simple quest to return home becomes much more as Luke finds himself wrapped up in greater circumstances, learning more about the people around him, the world, and himself.

Originally released on Sony's Playstation 2, and ported to Nintendo 3DS in 2011 (2012 in North America). The 3DS version was the first time the game was released in Europe.

Tales of the Abyss Tales of the Abyss Cast

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