Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
US/Japan/Europe Release: Dec 07, 2018

Game Developer: Namco Bandai

Popularity: 17th All Time, 4th This Week

Franchise: Super Smash Bros.

Credit Verification: Official Credits

Zelda has a single English line in the World of Light opening, but Ayumi Fujimura voices her in-game in all versions.

DLC: Piranha Plant (1/2019), Joker (4/2019), Hero (7/2019), Banjo & Kazooie (9/2019), Terry (11/2019), Byleth (1/2020)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cast

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cast

Roy voice Royvoiced by
Ray Chase
Ike voice Ikevoiced by
Greg Chun
Lyn voiceLynvoiced by
Lani Minella
Tiki voiceTikivoiced by
Mela Lee
Callie voiceCallievoiced by
Dillon voiceDillonvoiced by
Taro Kudo
Scizor voiceScizorvoiced by
Sam Black
Bottles voiceBottlesvoiced by
Lee Ray



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