Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Voice Director: Jack Fletcher

US Release: Nov 11, 2014
Japan Release: Dec 18, 2014
Europe Release: Nov 21, 2014

Popularity: 133rd All Time, 798th This Week

Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog
Characters on BTVA: 23
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Cast
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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Cast


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said at 5:39 PM on Sat Nov 25 2017
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Further elaboration of what went down. It originally started as Sonic Synergy.
said at 6:38 PM on Wed Nov 15 2017
Half these characters are not even in the TV show.
said at 1:39 PM on Tue Aug 22 2017
I played this game for 5 minutes before putting it down. It's just that bad.
said at 11:34 PM on Tue Nov 1 2016
2nd WORST Sonic the Hedgehog video game ever!!! Behind Sonic 06. Why Sega, just why?! You guys were doing so well Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, why is it so hard for you guys to remain fair with the quality of Sonic games?!
said at 2:04 PM on Sun Dec 20 2015
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The Sonic '06 of the Studiopolis Era.
said at 9:18 AM on Tue Jul 14 2015
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Everything that occurred behind the scenes. It's even worse than we thought. For starters, it wasn't originally intended for the Wii U, and CryEngine 3 is not compatible with the system.
said at 10:18 AM on Mon May 11 2015
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This game was doomed from the start and should have never seen the light of day. Oh well.
said at 3:08 PM on Mon Jan 26 2015
I decided to play one part of the demo one day, AND that shall be the last of me playing it!! I admit, it was at least playable. I didn't encounter any game breaking glitches. However, it was just really REALLY boring to play!!! The combat was dull, the writing was dull, the level design was dull, the characters were dull, and even the voice acting was dull!! Not to sound rude, but Roger and Cindy sounded rather.........stoned in their delivery. One of my friends theorized it was because they were asked to repeat lines several times. Obviously, he only did that off observation, and there's no evidence to prove that, but I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case!!
said at 2:54 PM on Sat Jan 3 2015
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I think you guys are overreacting about the glitches. I've played it, and haven't seen anything too terrible so far. The cutscenes and dialogue are pretty cheesy, though.
said at 10:38 AM on Mon Dec 29 2014
Pause to win.
said at 11:42 PM on Mon Dec 22 2014
 4 Shout Outs!
Is it just me or do the characters in the header look more like plastic figurines than actual game models?
said at 11:52 AM on Tue Dec 16 2014
I saw this review on Saturday. Ment to post it sooner but I never got round to logging in to the site during the weekend.

It turns out, Sonic Boom isn't as bad as we think.
said at 8:15 AM on Thu Feb 26 2015
@Ross123 Well the game could have potential humour if you're into glitches(Knuckles infinite jump) and you can get it for cheap but I dunno about paying the standard price especially from where I'm from
said at 1:18 PM on Sun Mar 1 2015
@HienFan I'm still not getting the game though cause I don't have plans or any interest in buying a Wii U.

Even though the system has released great games lately, I'm still not getting one.
said at 9:52 AM on Sat Jun 27 2015
@Ross123 Not going to get this even if I ever get a WiiU but from what I heard that the reason why it's the way it is, is because of both the troubled productioning and that they also wanted to add a lot of stuff(lot of puzzles that are pretty different) and the latter takes a long time and a lot of budget to make and unless you are already stable trying to do that is more likely going to not end well like Simon the Sorcerer 3 can say(read: the company got even more financially dire than it already was)
said at 12:10 PM on Tue Jul 7 2015
@HienFan Especially since the game had to be released shortly after the cartoon started in order to tie-in with it. A lot of tie-in games usually never end up being good and feel rushed.

Also, I saw a let's play of the game not that long ago. Sonic & friends don't stop talking to the point where it's annoying to listen to.
said at 6:01 AM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@Ross123 Well there were some decent tie in games back then but after Toy Story 3, every single one I heard look sucky

Still I have to wonder how will the reception be in a five more years will the blow soften like what happened to the other Sonic games or will it be Bubsy 3(it already have a terrible fate but I'm also referring to the endless chatter, sheesh for all the talking no one has a personality in the game)?
said at 11:57 AM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@HienFan Honestly, Sega should just retire Sonic. A lot of people have said this and I'm just going to jump on the bandwagon.

Cause let's be real, fans & critics alike can never agree on what makes a good Sonic game and Sega just doesn't know what to do to please anybody.

And I know a lot of people aren't going to like that I said but I'm sorry, it's true.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:02 PM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@Ross123 For better or for worse Sonic is one of the few franchises Sega has that's actually profitable so he's probably not going anywhere.
said at 12:25 PM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@NCZ I figured that but I'm saying what I believe should happen, even if he does a have a couple more good games in the future.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:31 PM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@Ross123 It's pretty incredible Sonic has went on for as long as it has. Most mascot platformers had roughly comparable if not better luck than he did and somehow he's still kicking while they're all mostly dead apart from Nintendo stuff and Ratchet and Clank. It's kind of mind-boggling that a franchise that has produced two of what are widely considered to be the absolute worst games ever produced still somehow has credibility (while Dynamite Headdy and Ristar among others are left in the dust...).

In a perfect world, Sega would know what they're doing with the Sonic franchise and also not neglect the hundreds of other series they have in their backlog. They made a statement the other day implying they need to take quality more seriously and "learn from Atlus", so if they're not blowing smoke hopefully they can finally get their act together... hopefully...
said at 12:46 PM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@NCZ Ok, so Sonic has quite amazingly survived throughout the years while everyone else, excluding Nintendo stuff and Ratchet & Clank, sadly died off and has an inconsistent track record with his games yet he somehow has luck on his side.

And let's just hope Sega are going to get their act together. Otherwise, I'll standing by my statement til the day I die or if the company ever goes bust.

Also on a side note, Sly Cooper is somewhere in limbo considering he has a movie coming in 2016/17 yet has no upcoming games though he had one just 2 years ago.
said at 7:45 PM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@Ross123 Meh I already stopped following the series after Generation, Lost World looks meeeeh, this well... was very rushed and had too many ideas.

But I think one of the reason he survived was because of he started the edgier mascot appeal and for some of his crossover with Mario

Jason Griffith would be ashamed to know how it went if he's still voicing the character
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:54 PM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@HienFan Jason Griffith voiced Sonic during the period where Sega pumped out Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Unleashed's werehog segments, and Black Knight. In that respect he and Roger are about equally well off.

[I'm not knocking Griffith himself, he's an all right dude who did well with the job, but seriously now. We don't need ANOTHER voice war.]
said at 10:38 PM on Wed Jul 8 2015
@NCZ I like those but it's another story and the first few games with Roger are good and I thought Roger himself is okay but eh.. looks like we have another slump
said at 10:13 AM on Mon Jul 13 2015
@HienFan NCZ pretty much summed it up perfectly.

Also, unless Jason actually plays the games in his free time then he's not going to care about the series going down hill if he was still in the role cause he'd get a pay check at the end no matter how the games went down.
said at 8:20 AM on Tue Jul 14 2015
@Ross123 From what I heard he only had three games, 3 and Knuckles, CD and Unleashed and he liked that last one, not sure about the others or these people that are involved considering some of them sound bored as can be while they're at least good in the actual cartoon
said at 1:42 PM on Sat Nov 22 2014
Rise of Lyric in under an hour.
said at 3:50 AM on Thu Nov 20 2014
The amount of glitches I've seen in this game is pretty funny.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 1:47 PM on Wed Nov 19 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
Something I've noticed is how disjointed the dialogue in this game is. Like, something will happen and all four main characters will comment on it, but their statements never follow each other like a real conversation. It weirds me out.
said at 11:08 AM on Wed Nov 19 2014
This hits Europe on Friday. Of course I don't own a Wii U but I was going to buy Shattered Crystal on the 3DS.

However, after hearing the negative scores I'm avoiding both games at all cost. Not wasting my money or time on this crap, no sir.

This is what I like about the rest of us having to wait, to see others suffer with terrible games. Oh I'm sooooo cruel.

And its worse than Sonic 06 but not by much. I never played that either since I didn't get a PS3 til 2009.

The only bad Sonic games I played were Sonic and the Secret Rings & Shadow the Hedgehog. I don't consider Sonic Heroes bad since I had some fun with it.

Anyway, I saw a review on how bad it is. The visuals are crap, the gameplay is boring, the characters say lame cringe worthy puns nearly all the time and glitches, glitches, glitches.

Anything I missed?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:02 PM on Wed Nov 19 2014
@Ross123 Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire come out the week after Shattered Crystal does in Europe.

My advice? Save your money and get Pokemon instead.

(Or Persona Q, I guess. Anything but this.)
said at 3:26 AM on Thu Nov 20 2014
@Ross123 Well congrats I'm not interested to buy this either, Sonic Heroes looks better of all the two teamwork type and I have Heroes hah, I'd rather get Super Smash Bros or one of the Pokemon games(but I can't for price reason, I can't negotiate unless it's at least below 100 in my zone)
said at 8:51 AM on Thu Nov 20 2014
@NCZ Good idea on both options. I'll save my money for KH 2.5 if you don't mind. And my upcoming birthday money will help pay for Christmas gifts for my family. So yeah, spending on stuff worthwhile.

Though those Pokemon sound pretty sweet too. I hate to admit it but I'm not a fan of the series. But I'd take over Sonic Boom games any day.
said at 8:59 AM on Thu Nov 20 2014
@HienFan When you are able to afford a game I'd advice you to get... oh I really don't know, they both sound pretty good.

It's a tough choice, what I can advise you to do is go with the one that interests/prefer you most. That is all.
said at 10:20 PM on Wed Nov 26 2014
@Ross123 It's just his opinions nothing more.
said at 11:45 AM on Fri Nov 28 2014
@SteelEthlan I know that. I was technically agreeing with him on spending my money on anything other than Sonic Boom.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 10:12 AM on Tue Nov 18 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
For those curious on if this game really is as bad as people say, watch the first six minutes of this Game Grumps episode where they go frame by frame all the things wrong with the very first cutscene:
said at 11:29 AM on Tue Nov 18 2014
@Music Meister That has to be the sloppiest editing I've ever seen. It's actually quite laughable.
said at 4:42 PM on Tue Nov 18 2014
@Music Meister Good lord!!! That's horrendous!! What's worse is that, unlike Sonic 06, they weren't on a deadline!!! There is no excuse for this.
said at 9:53 AM on Thu Nov 27 2014
@DravenRoth994 Apparently, from what one of my friends told me, this was on a bigger deadline than even Sonic 06!!!
said at 11:56 PM on Mon Nov 17 2014
And now the game is turning into another Sonic 2006 receptionwise...

I knew trusting a Japanese series to American developers is a bad idea, it rarely ever works
said at 12:59 PM on Wed Nov 19 2014
@HienFan It worked for Metroid Prime, though :/
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:23 PM on Wed Nov 19 2014
@HienFan There's nothing inherently wrong with outsourcing Japanese series to western developers. Donkey Kong became truly great in Rare's hands, and Retro's work with Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns/Tropical Freeze created some of the best games in their respective genres.

The problem with games like this and DmC is that they outsourced them to inexperienced or low-quality developers whose vision for the series is drastically different than the original creators'. This is BRB's first game ever. BRB itself consists of former members of Naughty Dog, Luxoflux, High Impact, and Heavy Iron. Beyond Naughty Dog, most of those studios don't have particularly sparkling CVs--in fact, High Impact itself consists of former members of Naughty Dog and Insomniac. Add the fact that many people involved in development actually left the company during development and you have the first ingredient in a recipe for disaster. I actually feel genuinely bad for everyone involved. This game's failure will be a major blow to BRB's reputation--who knows if they'll ever be able to recover from it and establish themselves as a credible studio.

The second error is that Sega didn't learn from their mistakes in 2006. Once again they wanted the game out by this holiday season in order to make quick bucks and capitalize on the shiny new cartoon. As the gameplay footage shows, this game was not ready for release. It's a glitchy mess, and worst of all, it's boring and soulless. It needed at least another year in the oven to be anything resembling a complete game. Sonic '06 had to have its development rushed to completion in time for the holiday season. This game feels like they took an alpha build, took it out of the developers' hands, and sold it in stores.

Also, the writing and dialogue are horrendous. Sonic games have never had particularly great writing, but at the very least there was always an inherent layer of cheese that made them charming in spite of that. Shadow the Hedgehog had dialogue that was so bad it looped around to become a postmodern masterpiece ("This is like taking candy from a baby, which is fine by me!"). This game's dialogue seems like it was written by a bunch of middle-aged adults who are trying way too hard to appeal to the "hip young people".

Rise of Lyric was probably doomed from the start, all things considered, but regardless, the fact that Sega were once again willing to sacrifice the dignity that the series had slowly been starting to build back up just for those holiday sales is disappointing.
said at 3:23 AM on Thu Nov 20 2014
@NCZ When I said rare I meant most not all
said at 3:24 AM on Thu Nov 20 2014
@CatsTuxedo Never played that game but it does seem to be one of the exceptions
said at 10:38 PM on Thu Nov 13 2014
Mike is Mayor Fink, Patrick is Salty and Kirk is Fred, Tucker and Woody. The others I'm still finding out.
said at 11:53 AM on Thu Nov 13 2014
Judging from what I've seen of this, it another Sonic 06, arguably worse in fact. Thankfully this isn't replacing the main series...
said at 1:16 PM on Thu Nov 13 2014
@madalex1234 I've seen comments calling this "Sonic '14" and frankly after seeing some gameplay videos, I don't blame them.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:26 PM on Thu Nov 13 2014

And my personal favourite...

Sonic 2006 is the ET of Sonic games.

This game is the Big Rigs of Sonic games.
said at 1:34 PM on Thu Nov 13 2014
@madalex1234 It's because they were made by different team and no it is nothing compared to this game at least it's was pretty polished unlike that completed yet unfinished when it comes to programs and such.
said at 9:42 PM on Thu Nov 13 2014
@NCZ Saw the second and third videos before, that one's probably my favourite too.


*everyone just stands there while Knuckles swats a fly*

My reaction: That fly was all of Lyric's goons, Knuckles saved the day!
said at 3:25 PM on Wed Nov 12 2014
Now that the characters have been updated with the credits anyway, can I ask why my comment the other day was deleted despite having the same information?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 3:41 PM on Wed Nov 12 2014

A) Requests for additional information are meant to be made in the forums, not the comments

B) As a general rule of thumb, with new/upcoming releases it's best to wait a week before requesting as we typically are already planning to work on the page and are likely more than aware of what needs to be updated

C) I already had the credits screencapped anyway and had figured out a couple roles, but that was early in the morning right as I had to leave, so I wasn't able to update the page until I got home
NCZ (Admin)
said at 3:48 PM on Wed Nov 12 2014
Point A is the main thing to take away here. Point B is something to keep in mind for the future and Point C is just a note regarding my process with updating the page.
said at 5:50 PM on Wed Nov 12 2014
@NCZ Okay, thanks for letting me know, and sorry for breaking any rules.
said at 4:29 PM on Tue Nov 11 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Patrick Seitz playing Lyric! Awesome! I was gonna guess Fred Tatascoire but Patrick'll be mint too.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 3:31 PM on Tue Nov 11 2014
Credits, as nabbed by me immediately after waking up in an astounding display of where my priorities lie in life:
Nightmare Crusher
said at 3:55 PM on Tue Nov 11 2014
@NCZ So now it's a matter of figuring out all of those extra characters. I think it's safe to assume that Mike is the beaver, yes?
said at 4:36 PM on Tue Nov 11 2014
@NCZ I guess this may be the first Sonic game to be union, especially since the credits like the real names of the VAs without them using aliases like the past games, which were non-union.

It makes me wonder if only the Japanese-devloped games will remain non-union, while the Sonic Boom-related things (TV Show and games) will be unionized.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 3:30 PM on Tue Nov 11 2014
So it turned out to be Patrick Seitz. Good pick.
said at 9:06 AM on Mon Nov 10 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
I can imagine James Arnold Taylor voicing Lyric.
Hypothetically speaking of course :-D
said at 1:29 AM on Mon Sep 29 2014
Now that I think of it, I believe that the Sonic Boom games (and the show itself) are the first Sonic-related media to be unionized, but I think we may find out more when the game's actually released.
said at 8:34 AM on Mon Sep 29 2014
But the show itself, the first unionized Sonic cartoon since Sonic Underground I believe?
said at 10:57 PM on Sat Sep 27 2014
New Many New Cast Members. What's wrong with Co-Voicing Characters Studiopolis?
said at 6:02 PM on Tue Sep 9 2014
So apparently, this leaves Lyric's new voice actor.

And the rest i won't speak much.
said at 5:07 PM on Tue Sep 9 2014
Ben Diskin is Q-N-C
said at 5:38 PM on Tue Sep 9 2014
@WWEFAN12ization Wow i did never notice this coming.
said at 10:22 AM on Tue Sep 2 2014
Shadow sounds different more like David, wonder if Kirk got better or they got a new actor?
said at 4:30 PM on Tue Sep 2 2014
@HienFan Probably Kirk because his performance.

In my honest opinion Kirk's performance of shadow sounds better than what Jason Griffith had but not on a par level with D. Humphrey.

It's just my opinion.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 2:39 PM on Wed Sep 3 2014
@HienFan I'm fairly sure it's still Kirk.
said at 9:45 PM on Wed Sep 3 2014
@SteelEthlan I'm the other way he sounds better than Humphrey but not Jason level
said at 8:55 PM on Mon Sep 1 2014
 1 Shout Out!
This looks uninspired and awful.

That's not to say the story and new universe won't be bad. I'm also really digging almost everyone's new performances (Kirk, Cindy, and Travis sound tremendously better).
said at 9:39 AM on Sat Aug 30 2014
 1 Shout Out!
I just bet that Shadow the Hedgehog would be voiced by once again by Kirk Thornton i hope his voice work of shadow would do way better than the past sonic games.

And metal sonic's...i don't know.
said at 1:53 PM on Mon Aug 18 2014
Why does Lyric sound like Scottie Ray?? Sonic games are being dubbed in NY anymore, the universe has gone all out of balance!!!!!! So CONFUSED!
Nightmare Crusher
said at 3:10 PM on Mon Aug 18 2014
@awesome Just because it sounds like Scottie Ray doesn't mean that it is Scottie Ray.
said at 5:08 PM on Tue Aug 19 2014
@awesome Its Actually Mark Rolston who voices Lyric
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:50 PM on Tue Aug 19 2014
@E_Granderson37 That hasn't been officially confirmed. It's all speculation at this point.
said at 12:10 PM on Sat Aug 23 2014
@NCZ here's the link
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:11 PM on Sat Aug 23 2014
@E_Granderson37 IMDB is user-submitted and doesn't count as official confirmation. Official confirmation comes from Sega or the voice actor himself.
said at 3:01 AM on Fri Aug 15 2014
Hell Yeah!! Metal Sonic & Shadow in the new Sonic Boom game!
Jessica Marra
said at 1:08 PM on Thu Aug 14 2014
Okay, the other characters get redesigns but for some reason, Shadow looks EXACTLY the same! Same goes for Metal Sonic! It is wonderful that they're in this game but I do wonder what their roles will be in the plot. Any guesses??? XD
said at 4:31 PM on Thu Aug 14 2014
@Jessica Marra Almost but not completely the same look at shadow's gloves & shoes with accessories it's different compared to the original one.
said at 2:45 AM on Wed Sep 10 2014
@Jessica Marra Same also goes for Orbot, and Cubot..
said at 10:02 AM on Thu Aug 14 2014
I am happy to see Metal Sonic and Shadow being in this game i bet they might be inplemented through storyline neither major nor minor just in-between to me.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:01 AM on Thu Aug 14 2014
 1 Shout Out!
It feels comforting to see more characters from the original Sonic universe, especially since their designs are relatively unchanged. Especially Metal Sonic--he hasn't had a major role in a main game since Heroes, so I'm eager to see what they do with him.

Curious as to how Shadow will be incorporated into the storyline though... regardless, I'm surprisingly happy to see him.
said at 11:23 AM on Sun Jul 27 2014
Hey there was a box art of sonic boom rise of lyrics here on other site like right here:
said at 12:21 PM on Thu Jul 24 2014
 1 Shout Out!
I declared the franchise dead and bereft of dignity after the big roadkill kiss. However, the designs of those minor characters really tap into my nostalgia for Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter (seeing how Bob Rafei's involved, that's no big surprise), so I'll at least check out a longplay of this if anything.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:37 PM on Thu Jul 24 2014
@CatsTuxedo Would the big roadkill kiss happen to be '06?

I definitely agree with you that these new characters are giving off that early-2000s mascot action-platformer feeling.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:48 PM on Thu Jul 24 2014
Wait, I'm dumb, I just realised you were referring to a specific moment IN '06. Uggghhhh. I had completely blocked that out of my memory.

I know it's a cliche to say it at any rate, but Colours and Generations were very good, Lost World was acceptable, Unleashed was fine barring the werehog, and some side games like Zero Gravity, Rush Adventure, and the Storybook series were quite enjoyable. No sane human could possibly defend '06, though.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 12:52 PM on Thu Jul 24 2014
@NCZ " No sane human could possibly defend '06, though." I've seen it tried. Those people don't usually have an actual reason, but they try.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 1:11 PM on Thu Jul 24 2014
@Nightmare Crusher Same, and it just makes me scratch my head. From the perspective of both a consumer and a game designer, Sonic '06 is a mess on every possible level. It was a rushed, incomplete product with a troubled development and it shows.

The glitchy gameplay's been talked about at length, but the absence of several planned features, shaky controls and physics, lackluster graphics, and a nigh-incomprehensible storyline seemingly taken directly from all add up to form one glorious trainwreck. Awesome soundtrack, though!

Now luckily... Sega has learned from that. They've admitted that '06 was a mistake and have sworn to improve since then. Still, it happened, and it left a crater that poor Sonic has still yet to climb out of completely.

I'm not sure if Sonic Boom will be what pulls him out, but I'm hoping that it will at least be a good game...
said at 9:54 PM on Tue Jul 22 2014
The CGI looks rather plastic model like

On a note Cindy gotten better as Amy(about time I hope she cast out that Minnie Mouse imitation for good)
said at 8:57 AM on Thu Aug 14 2014
@HienFan I think it's just me, but I think Cindy Robinson's new take on Amy sounds like a combination of Jennifer and Lisa's take on the character.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 10:00 PM on Fri Jul 11 2014
I'm surprised that Sega has given no word on Lyric's voice. I wonder who it could be.(Don't say Mark Rolston)
said at 7:04 PM on Fri Jul 11 2014
I don't like this design for Eggman! I like the one from the modern games better!
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:00 PM on Thu Jul 24 2014
@Coleiosis123 I actually quite like Eggman's new design; it's probably the best of the bunch. It's a fusion of his Adventure look and his Genesis look.
said at 7:00 PM on Wed Jun 18 2014
 1 Shout Out!

Dat dialogue.
said at 2:19 PM on Wed Jun 18 2014
After looking at the E3 trailer, I've decided not purchase this. It just doesn't interest me that much. Originally, part of me was interested by the use of other characters but now that I've seen it in action, it just doesn't seem to be executed very well in my view.

I know it's still early but it just hasn't caught my full interest which is why I'll be giving this a miss. I just don't have anything positive to say about it now. I'll still be watching new footage just to see how it looks over the next few months but that's pretty much if for me.

I genuinely hope the rest of you will enjoy this though.
said at 12:46 PM on Thu Jun 19 2014
I'm probably gonna wait for more footage to see how it improves throughout.
said at 11:35 AM on Mon Jun 16 2014
The model they used for the announcement looks very different from the one at E3
said at 11:37 AM on Mon Jun 16 2014
Well at least the one for sonic
said at 11:55 AM on Tue Jun 10 2014
Did anybody see Sonic Boom's E3 trailer. At the end of the trailer, you can hear that Cindy Robinson's Amy voice has drastically improved.
said at 1:41 PM on Wed Jun 18 2014

She definitely sounds more tolerable this time around which is good. But at the same time, her performance sounds almost emotionless.

But yeah, it seems to be an improvement.

But we haven't heard enough to properly judge yet. Part of me wonders whether she will remain and stick with her high pitched performances in the main games, considering how Boom is it's own series which portrays the character a bit differently.
said at 6:33 PM on Wed Jun 18 2014
@Truesonic I couldn't agree anymore:-).
said at 8:42 PM on Tue Jun 3 2014
Man, Marine FINALLY gets a VA?

... What do you mean, "That's not Marine"?
Jessica Marra
said at 4:05 AM on Fri May 30 2014
I watched a clip about introducing Sticks and I gotta say… I love her already! She reminds me of myself because I too can be a bit awkward and odd but am upbeat and optimistic. I got even more excited when I heard Nika Futterman would be voicing her! XD
Nightmare Crusher
said at 12:54 PM on Thu May 29 2014
 5 Shout Outs!
Sticks looks an awful lot like Marine from Sonic Rush Adventure.
said at 1:15 PM on Sat May 24 2014
I was so relieved when they confirmed that this wouldn't be replacing the main series. The designs look awful IMO, especially Knuckles' look. I'm not really sure about this to be honest, I feel like we need to wait and see more footage first.

On the other hand, if there is one thing I will applaud this for is for actually having more playable characters, other than Sonic. It's been long overdue. I feel that Sonic Team haven't really delivered much in the recent games, and maybe having a different developer for this could really be an advantage.

But at the moment, my feelings remain mixed on this. I'm really sceptical about this.
said at 7:55 PM on Sat Feb 22 2014
i really can't wait for it to come it great new designs
said at 10:54 AM on Sat Feb 8 2014
Woh, new designs. Nevertheless I look forward to this game. Hope its a good one.
said at 6:35 PM on Thu Feb 6 2014
Good god. It's been forever since I've played anything new in the Sonic Franchise, but after seeing this, I have no hope for the series. Really, look at Knuckles? Why did they make him look like he's on Steroids?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 7:08 PM on Thu Feb 6 2014
@LordofEvil96 Sega clarified that this is only a side game with no real bearing on the main series. The new designs apply only to the "Sonic Boom" branding.
said at 10:56 AM on Sat Feb 8 2014
@NCZ So what you're saying is that these designs won't be used in anything else. What's the point in that?
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:17 AM on Sat Feb 8 2014
@Ross123 Sonic Boom is a new side-series. There's going to be a new TV show, a toyline, and if this game does well, a new subseries of games. No different from all the other Sonic side series, just with a stronger brand identity.
said at 12:41 PM on Sun Feb 9 2014
@NCZ So these designs will only be used in the new tv show, toys & side games that follow from it. Not the main series.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 12:51 PM on Sun Feb 9 2014
@Ross123 Correct.
said at 6:31 PM on Thu Feb 6 2014
 1 Shout Out!
Everyone looks like they're made of clay in the trailer
said at 5:49 PM on Thu Feb 6 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
Well, ... this is new.
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Sonic the Hedgehog
16.7% (3 votes)
Knuckles the Echidna
11.1% (2 votes)
Sticks the Jungle Badger
11.1% (2 votes)
Amy Rose
5.6% (1 vote)
5.6% (1 vote)
18 Total Votes