Voice Director: Christopher Sabat

US Release: Mar 25, 2014

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Smite Smite Cast
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Smite Cast



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said at 9:27 PM on Sat Jun 23 2018
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The cast for Smite is very impressive
said at 1:30 PM on Sat Mar 3 2018
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Wow, Christopher Sabat really went all out in terms of the cast for this.

Not only do we have some of FUNI's own talent (Caitlin Glass, Todd Haberkorn, Carrie Savage, Sabat himself, Josh Grelle and Daman Mills) but we also have some LA names (Richard Epcar, Greg Chun, Kaiji Tang, Max Mittelman, Darin De Paul), NY talent (mostly from Pokemon including Ryan Andes the voice of Hala, Lisa Ortiz, Bill Rogers, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Wayne Grayson) and heck, he even threw in Kevin Sorbo as Retrocles for the mix.

Seeing stuff like this really makes me happy and Sabat did a really good job here.
said at 6:53 PM on Sat Nov 5 2016
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Mike Pollock is in this game too XD
said at 12:10 PM on Sun Aug 7 2016
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Who voiced Chiron?
said at 6:47 PM on Sat Apr 8 2017
@Francesco92e No confirmation, but I heard it was Phil Parsons.
said at 7:56 AM on Sat Jun 25 2016
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Weird i don't think Erica is even in a funimation dub yet.
said at 3:59 PM on Thu Jan 21 2016
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Yes, Cristina Vee is in this!
said at 10:07 AM on Sun Dec 6 2015
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It's pretty cool to see Christopher Sabat getting more out of towners in on this.

I never imagined we'd see Erica Mendez, Laura Post and Kaiji Tang in this, maybe we'll see them in some FUNi dubs very soon?
said at 11:39 AM on Sun Dec 6 2015
@Autovolt Well... last month, Tang's announced on Twitter he's playin' Pierre Badowin on Lord Marksman and Vanadis for FUNimation.
said at 6:08 PM on Mon Apr 28 2014
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This is the game that first brought me to this site (It`s bloody brilliant by the way), when I realized that Bastet sounded alot like Blair from Soul Eater (the dub version, mind). After discovering that, I checked other people and realized; ALOT of people from Soul Eater also do voices in Smite. I actually counted them up, and it amounted to 22/58 of the Soul Eater actors having voice Smite characters. And if you remove some of the characters who only appear in 1-2 episodes or don`t have much screentime, that`s 22/44, half of the entire cast! Just thought I`d share.
said at 10:20 PM on Thu Apr 17 2014
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Looks like this is Patrick Seitz's first time in a Texas-recorded game that isn't based off an existing title that Funi dubbed.
said at 8:53 PM on Sat Mar 29 2014
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Rick Robertson in a Chris Sabat directed project is a good sign he'll probably return as Dabura for the Buu saga episodes of DBZ Kai.

I know Brad Jackson returned to Funimation a while ago (e.g. Shana and Last Exile) but also interesting to see him back at Okratron5000. I wonder if this means he'll voice Oolong again or if TPTB will stick with Bryan Massey.

Also cool to see Richard Epcar in this. Must've been around the time he voiced Zenigata in the new Lupin III series.
Dark Kuja
said at 9:46 PM on Thu Dec 26 2013
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I'm surprised no one's commented on Sean Schemmels role, especially considering what Sun Wukong is called in Japan.
said at 9:17 PM on Fri Dec 27 2013
@Dark Kuja Hmmm. I don't know what you mean. Care to fill me in?
Nightmare Crusher
said at 10:21 PM on Fri Dec 27 2013
@Dark Kuja I did on Wukong's page.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 10:22 PM on Fri Dec 27 2013
@Regomania Sean plays Sun Wukong. In Japan Sun Wukong is Sean's most famous role is Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 10:24 PM on Fri Dec 27 2013
@Nightmare Crusher Stupid computer. It's supposed to say, "In Japan Sun Wukong is called Son Goku. Sean's most famous role is Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z."
said at 10:52 PM on Fri Dec 27 2013
@Nightmare Crusher Oh, Haha! That's extremely Ironic... Almost Stupidly Ironic...
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:57 AM on Sat Dec 28 2013
@Regomania Irony would be if Sean Schemmel was in the game as Sun Wukong's nemesis and Chris Sabat voiced Wukong.
Dark Kuja
said at 5:56 PM on Sat Dec 28 2013
@Nightmare Crusher

I saw, but I mostly meant on this page.
said at 8:42 PM on Fri Dec 20 2013
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I'm really liking the cast is for game as it is now. :)
Belial Edge
said at 4:26 PM on Mon Dec 2 2013
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Wow. REALLY? About time, but I didn't expect them to be revealed.
said at 4:15 PM on Mon Dec 2 2013
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You don't know how much I love it when american games are given to FUNimation to provide the voices. I really like it when they do that (I.E Orcs Must Die 1&2, Borderlands 1&2, Comic Jumper I think and a lot of other games)
said at 5:05 PM on Mon Dec 2 2013

Technically it's not Funimation, it's Okratron5000; an independent studio owned by Chris Sabat. But most of the talent in games recorded at Okraton5000 also work for Funimation.

I wish more games would be recorded in Dallas also; especially Japanese games that get dubbed but Bang Zoom seems to have a monopoly on them. Funny how many fans complain about Funimation stealing all the anime dub work from California but for all the video game dub work Bang Zoom has, they get a free pass.

Most of the L.A. dubs for Japanese games are non-union. If the project is going to be non-union instead of union, why not have the dub done in Dallas with better non-union VAs? (technically right-to-work status) Costs are cheaper in Texas too.

California non-union VG dub = meh acting + high costs

Texas non-union VG dub = better acting + lower costs

Win, win for a company smart enough to realize it.

It would be great if Dallas got more pre-lay video game work like Borderlands but that's pretty rare; I suppose it makes sense to keep the studios local in California so progress is easily monitored by TPTB and all the big games will be union projects anyway.

It probably won't make any difference but I did email all the companies that license & dub Japanese games to convince them to use Oktratron5000 in the future.

If more fans emailed them, it's harder to ignore the suggestion.

Atlus USA

NIS America

XSeed Games

Tecmo Koei America

Aksys Games
said at 5:12 PM on Mon Dec 2 2013
@freezeframe100 Oh wow.... I just said I really like it! Sorry, but I didn't need all this.
said at 5:25 PM on Mon Dec 2 2013

My bad. :) I thought since you were a fan of Texas talent too you might want to help get more games recorded there. But at least for anyone else interested the info is posted.

*I wish there was an edit post option. I noticed I misspelled Okratron twice! -_-

Guess it's important to include its contact info too for anyone interested

Apparently Atlus USA has a facebook page too but you need to be logged in to see it
said at 5:41 PM on Mon Dec 2 2013
@freezeframe100 It's cool! And I know, I feel like we really need an Edit button on this site.
said at 10:38 PM on Sat Feb 22 2014
@freezeframe100 There are several obstacles that prevent Dallas/Fort Worth from being a significant area for video game voice over work:

* There are only two known recording studios located in Dallas/Fort Worth, which are Okratron 5000 and Funi's existing dubbing facilities. In Los Angeles, there are numerous recording studios, such as Bang Zoom! Entertainment, New Generation Pictures, PCB Productions, Elastic Media Corporation, Salami Studios and Studiopolis.
* Video game companies are more inclined to have the voices done at California, mostly due to its extensive history of acting in general. Dallas/Fort Worth just only began doing significant voice over work thanks to Funi in the very late 90s. Even though Dallas/Fort Worth's talent is more-than-capable of proving high quality voice work for lower prices compared to California, a lot of companies aren't too convinced of having the voices recorded there, partly because of the fact that Texas is a Right-to-Work state, which the SAG-AFTRA (which many video game companies frequently cling to) blacklists thanks to its BS "Global Rule Number One" policy.
* There were actually a lot more Japanese games dubbed (not just ones based off existing titles that Funi had) in Texas, mostly those from Square Enix, and this was during ADV's golden years.
* Most of the games dubbed in Dallas/Fort Worth are rather small-scale compared to those dubbed in California.
* The only Japanese game that was dubbed in Texas post-ADV and one that isn't one based off an existing title from Funimation (such as One-Piece and Dragon Ball) is Lux-Pain, which apparently reviewers said that the voice acting wasn't that good, ultimately discouraging other J-game distributors, such as Atlus and Aksys, from having the games they licensed dubbed in Texas.

I would love to have more games (both Japanese and mainstream western) recorded in Texas (Borderlands 2 becoming 2K Games's highest-selling game helps), heck, even have cartoons dubbed there, like what Hasbro does with their newer cartoons of having the voices recorded in Vancouver, Canada.
said at 2:27 PM on Sun Jan 10 2016
@freezeframe100 "It would be great if Dallas got more pre-lay video game work like Borderlands but that's pretty rare; I suppose it makes sense to keep the studios local in California so progress is easily monitored by TPTB and all the big games will be union projects anyway."

I actually wanna see Dallas do some pre-lay work in western animation.
Nightmare Crusher
said at 12:59 PM on Mon Dec 2 2013
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So we've got a game featuring a cast of deities from around the world and they just throw in Guan Yu, a historical general. I know he was called the God of War, but he's not the actual Chinese war god.
said at 11:38 AM on Wed Dec 4 2013
@Nightmare Crusher there are a lot of non-gods in this game specifically the Chinese pantheon is more about Kings and Generals then gods

but that's just how Chinese mythology is
Nightmare Crusher
said at 11:59 AM on Wed Dec 4 2013
@huyh Are you sure? I checked and all of the Chinese Gods are mythological deities, except He Bo who I couldn't find a scrap of info on. Heck, most of the characters here are gods and the few who aren't are still mythological.(Ymir, Arachne, etc.)
said at 2:58 AM on Tue Jul 8 2014
@Nightmare Crusher It's not really uncommon for great people to be deified, so I can believe that Guan Yu was as well. The Japanese did the same for Tokugawa - the first Shogun - even though he specifically said that he didn't want to be made a god (they'd asked him before he died).
said at 10:20 AM on Mon Dec 2 2013
 3 Shout Outs!
Where's Yahweh?
Nightmare Crusher
said at 3:31 PM on Mon Dec 2 2013
@VctrBnsn Too OP.
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