River City Girls CAST

River City Girls
Voice Director: Cristina Valenzuela

US/Japan/Europe Release: Sep 05, 2019

Game Developer: WayForward Technologies

Popularity: 300th All Time, 51st This Week

Franchise: Kunio-kun
River City Girls River City Girls Cast

Characters On BTVA: 24   |  Sound Clips: 2

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River City Girls Cast

Kyoko voiceKira Buckland
Kyoko voiced by 
Kira Buckland
Misako voiceKayli Mills
Misako voiced by 
Kayli Mills
Kunio voiceGreg Chun
Kunio voiced by 
Greg Chun
Riki voiceKaiji Tang
Riki voiced by 
Kaiji Tang
Mami voiceSarah Williams
Mami voiced by 
Sarah Williams
Demetri voiceCryaotic
Demetri voiced by 
Misuzu voiceLaila Berzins
Misuzu voiced by 
Laila Berzins
Sabuko voiceXanthe Huynh
Sabuko voiced by 
Xanthe Huynh
Billy Lee voiceDan Avidan
Billy Lee voiced by 
Dan Avidan
Yamada voiceGriffin Puatu
Yamada voiced by 
Griffin Puatu
Martha voiceErika Ishii
Martha voiced by 
Erika Ishii
Abobo voicePatrick Seitz
Abobo voiced by 
Patrick Seitz
Kumiko voiceAnna Brisbin
Kumiko voiced by 
Anna Brisbin


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