Luminous Arc Infinity

Luminous Arc Infinity
Japan Release: Aug 06, 2015

Popularity: 2,603rd All Time, 2,768th This Week

Franchise: Luminous Arc
Genre: Action/Adventure
Luminous Arc Infinity Luminous Arc Infinity Cast

Characters On BTVA: 13

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Luminous Arc Infinity Cast

Seed voiceSeed voiced by 
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Aqua voiceAqua voiced by 
Yu Serizawa
Palsh voicePalsh voiced by 
Misaki Kuno
Violet voiceViolet voiced by 
Yukana Nogami
Brigitta voiceBrigitta voiced by 
Maaya Uchida
Feilang voiceFeilang voiced by 
Satomi Arai
Joker voiceJoker voiced by 
Aoi Yuuki
Kasumi voiceKasumi voiced by 
Aya Uchida
Rana voiceRana voiced by 
Ayaka Ohashi
Hisoka voiceHisoka voiced by 
Ayane Sakura
Alto voiceAlto voiced by 
Kanae Ito
C-9 voiceC-9 voiced by 
Mariya Ise
Sopra voiceSopra voiced by 
Satomi Sato



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