League of Legends

League of Legends
US Release: Oct 27, 2009
Europe Release: Jul 13, 2010

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League of Legends League of Legends Cast

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League of Legends Cast

Ahri voiceAhri voiced by 
Laura Post
Akali voiceAkali voiced by 
Laura Bailey
Alistar voiceAlistar voiced by 
Harlan Hogan
Amumu voiceAmumu voiced by 
Cristina Milizia
Annie voiceAnnie voiced by 
Cristina Milizia
Ashe voiceAshe voiced by 
Melissa Hutchison
Dr. Mundo voiceDr. Mundo voiced by 
J.S. Gilbert
Draven voiceDraven voiced by 
Erik Braa
Ezreal voiceEzreal voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Fiora voiceFiora voiced by 
Karen Strassman
Garen voiceGaren voiced by 
Jamieson Price
Gragas voiceGragas voiced by 
J.S. Gilbert
Graves voiceGraves voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Hecarim voiceHecarim voiced by 
Scott McNeil
Janna voiceJanna voiced by 
Erin Fitzgerald
Jarvan IV voiceJarvan IV voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Jax voiceJax voiced by 
Erik Braa
Katarina voiceKatarina voiced by 
Tara Platt
Kayle voiceKayle voiced by 
Lisa Lindsley
Kog'Maw voiceKog'Maw voiced by 
Patrick Seitz
Lee Sin voiceLee Sin voiced by 
Vic Mignogna
Leona voiceLeona voiced by 
Wendee Lee
Lucian voiceLucian voiced by 
Patrick Seitz
Lulu voiceLulu voiced by 
Faye Mata
Malzahar voiceMalzahar voiced by 
Vic Mignogna
Nasus voiceNasus voiced by 
Eugene McDaniels
Nidalee voiceNidalee voiced by 
Kelly Burge
Nocturne voiceNocturne voiced by 
Jason Wishnov
Nunu voiceNunu voiced by 
Cristina Milizia
Willump voiceWillump voiced by 
Brian Sommer
Pantheon voicePantheon voiced by 
Gavin Hammon
Renekton voiceRenekton voiced by 
Patrick Seitz
Jinx voiceJinx voiced by 
Sarah Williams
Ryze voiceRyze voiced by 
Adam Harrington
Shaco voiceShaco voiced by 
Adam Harrington
Shen voiceShen voiced by 
Keith Silverstein
Sion voiceSion voiced by 
J.S. Gilbert
Skarner voiceSkarner voiced by 
David Lodge
Sona voiceSona voiced by 
Erin Fitzgerald
Soraka voiceSoraka voiced by 
Lisa Lindsley
Trundle voiceTrundle voiced by 
Josh Tomar
Udyr voiceUdyr voiced by 
J.S. Gilbert
Varus voiceVarus voiced by 
Gavin Hammon
Vi voiceVi voiced by 
Cia Court
Viktor voiceViktor voiced by 
Owen Thomas
Warwick voiceWarwick voiced by 
Brian Sommer
Wukong voiceWukong voiced by 
Spike Spencer
Xin Zhao voiceXin Zhao voiced by 
Richard Epcar
Yasuo voiceYasuo voiced by 
Liam O'Brien
Jayce voiceJayce voiced by 
Trevor Devall
Twitch voiceTwitch voiced by 
Doug Boyd
Ekko voiceEkko voiced by 
Antony Del Rio
Wolf voiceWolf voiced by 
Matthew Mercer
Jhin voiceJhin voiced by 
Quinton Flynn
Lux voiceLux voiced by 
Carrie Keranen
Taliyah voiceTaliyah voiced by 
Erica Lindbeck
Zoe voiceZoe voiced by 
Erica Lindbeck
Galio voiceGalio voiced by 
Josh Petersdorf


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