LEGO DC Super-Villains

LEGO DC Super-Villains
US Release: Oct 19, 2018

Popularity: 215th All Time, 80th This Week

Franchises: DC Universe, LEGO

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LEGO DC Super-Villains LEGO DC Super-Villains Cast

Characters On BTVA: 139   |  Sound Clips: 112

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LEGO DC Super-Villains Cast

Aquaman voice Aquaman voiced by 
Scott Porter
Cyborg voiceCyborg voiced by 
Bumper Robinson
Joker voice Joker voiced by 
Mark Hamill
Ultraman voiceUltraman voiced by 
Nolan North
Owlman voiceOwlman voiced by 
Jason Marsden
Ares voiceAres voiced by 
Fred Tatasciore
Atomica voiceAtomica voiced by 
Laura Bailey
Atrocitus voiceAtrocitus voiced by 
Ike Amadi
B'dg voiceB'dg voiced by 
Roger Craig Smith
Beast Boy voiceBeast Boy voiced by 
Greg Cipes
Big Barda voiceBig Barda voiced by 
Diane Delano
Bizarro voiceBizarro voiced by 
Nolan North
Calendar Man voiceCalendar Man voiced by 
Jim Pirri
Chang Tzu voiceChang Tzu voiced by 
Eric Bauza
Cheetah voiceCheetah voiced by 
Erica Luttrell
Deathstorm voice Deathstorm voiced by 
Lex Lang
Eclipso voiceEclipso voiced by 
David Lodge
Ganthet voiceGanthet voiced by 
Brian George
Gizmo voiceGizmo voiced by 
Lauren Tom
Heat Wave voiceHeat Wave voiced by 
Lex Lang
Kaliback voiceKaliback voiced by 
Michael Dorn
Kanto voiceKanto voiced by 
Corey Burton
Katana voiceKatana voiced by 
Sumalee Montano
Kite Man voiceKite Man voiced by 
Jeffrey Combs
Livewire voiceLivewire voiced by 
Cree Summer
Lobo voiceLobo voiced by 
David Sobolov
Mammoth voiceMammoth voiced by 
Darin De Paul
Mantis voiceMantis voiced by 
Lex Lang
Mazahs voiceMazahs voiced by 
Lex Lang
Mongul voiceMongul voiced by 
Fred Tatasciore
Parasite voiceParasite voiced by 
Eric Bauza
Penguin voice Penguin voiced by 
JB Blanc
Ravager voiceRavager voiced by 
Misty Lee
Raven voiceRaven voiced by 
Tara Strong
Red Hood voiceRed Hood voiced by 
Cameron Bowen
Shazam voice Shazam voiced by 
Brandon Routh
Sinestro voiceSinestro voiced by 
Marc Worden
Solovar voiceSolovar voiced by 
JB Blanc
Starfire voiceStarfire voiced by 
Kari Wahlgren
Stompa voiceStompa voiced by 
Diane Delano
Brain voiceBrain voiced by 
Jason Spisak
Toyman voiceToyman voiced by 
Corey Burton
Trickster voiceTrickster voiced by 
Mark Hamill
Trigon voiceTrigon voiced by 
Darin De Paul
Two-Face voiceTwo-Face voiced by 
Peter Jessop
Grid voiceGrid voiced by 
Bumper Robinson
Grail voiceGrail voiced by 
Salli Saffioti


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