Kya: Dark Lineage

Kya:  Dark Lineage
US Release: Nov 18, 2003
Europe Release: Feb 02, 2004

Popularity: 3,571st All Time, 3,060th This Week

Credit Verification: Official Credits

Kya:  Dark Lineage Kya:  Dark Lineage Cast

Characters On BTVA: 11

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Kya: Dark Lineage Cast

Kya voiceKya voiced by 
Millane Kang
Aton voiceAton voiced by 
Matthew Géczy
Atea voiceAtea voiced by 
David Gasman
Area voiceArea voiced by 
Andy Chase
Bird voiceBird voiced by 
Jerry Di Giacomo
Akasa voiceAkasa voiced by 
Andy Chase
Frank voiceFrank voiced by 
Matthew Géczy
Amata voiceAmata voiced by 
Matthew Géczy
Apou voiceApou voiced by 
David Gasman


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