Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II
Voice Director: Robert Buchholz

US Release: Mar 28, 2006
Japan Release: Dec 22, 2005
Europe Release: Sep 29, 2006

Game Developer: Square Enix

Popularity: 10th All Time, 30th This Week

Franchise: Kingdom Hearts
Characters on BTVA: 123
Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts II Cast
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Kingdom Hearts II Cast


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said at 3:48 AM on Tue Mar 6 2018
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Definitely my favorite of the KH games with tons of great voice acting.

Sweetening the deal is the fact that many of the original actors (or sound-alikes is some cases) returned to reprise their roles and they all did very well in the roles.

Also most of the Final Fantasy faces got new voices and in some cases it was for the better.

A fantastic game and I seriously can not wait for 3 to come out.
said at 12:17 AM on Tue Feb 27 2018
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One of the great things about the Kingdom Hearts series is their extensive voice actors. I mean a lot of them were able to reprise their roles from past Disney movies and shows.

i understand some couldn't because of scheduling conflicts or the indifference they have with Disney. Thank GId for voice matching because it work very well here. Can't wait for what 3_ have to offer.
said at 5:20 PM on Sun Dec 10 2017
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The Kingdom Hearts game with the LONGEST gameplay to date. Hopefully KH3 can top it in terms of that aspect. We've been waiting for years for it, so if it isn't as enjoyable or longer than KH2, I think it's safe to say that we're gonna be disappointed.
said at 5:02 AM on Sat Jul 15 2017
I still think this is the best KH game especially in the smooth gameplay and the darker but still not overwhemingly so that the later titles suffer from story but I have to say the handling of the Disney element is everywhere, the original stories were still decent if downplayed in the long term to make room for Org 13 but some of the worlds(especially Atlantis) are just poorly done take of the source materials just with our trio tacked in it
said at 7:14 AM on Fri May 26 2017
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Get up on the Hydra's back!!!
said at 6:54 AM on Sat Nov 26 2016
Who voiced Xehanort in KH II? Was the same VA of Xemnas, or Ansem, the seeker of Darkness who voiced him in Birth by Sleep?
Nightmare Crusher
said at 7:25 AM on Sat Nov 26 2016
@Twero It's Richard Epcar(Ansem) if I remember right. Do you have a link to a cutscene where he speaks?
said at 2:51 PM on Sun Jul 16 2017
@Nightmare Crusher Here it is:
Nightmare Crusher
said at 2:54 PM on Sun Jul 16 2017
@Twero That's Richard.
said at 7:53 AM on Fri Aug 28 2015
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Best Kingdom Hearts title ever IMO and from the news of 3 probably still is
said at 1:29 AM on Tue Oct 29 2013
I really liked some casting. Sadly, Sora's voice actor has been really graining to me, I loved Jesse Macarntley half to death as Roxas. There are some flaws, but sometimes, this game's really good!
said at 4:52 PM on Fri Nov 1 2013
@Regomania I disagree with you about Sora's voice but it really wasn't Haley's fault that he sounded graining to you. It's not like he can prevent his voice from breaking.
said at 5:12 PM on Fri Nov 1 2013
@Ross123 Have you heard his real voice? It's actually pretty freaking deep. His Sora voice is actually a lot higher, it honestly surprised me.
said at 5:25 PM on Fri Nov 1 2013
@Ross123 Well, I like Haley as Sora. Don't get me wrong. And it isn't he fault! but I'm just nervous for his voice, he just seems to be loosing it in later games.
said at 3:49 PM on Sat Nov 2 2013
@PsychicVoiceSpy That just shows how good an actor he actually is.

@Regomania I think it's mainly because he's getting older. Well Sora's a teenager & Haley's 25 so I can see what you mean by he's loosing it.
said at 10:31 AM on Mon Oct 14 2013
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Loved this game too. It's shares a lot of the 1st game but with better gameplay & more characters. Had a really good story but I thought the casting wasn't as good as before though there were still a lot of really good actors in it.
said at 11:44 PM on Sun Oct 28 2012
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 10:22 PM on Sat Sep 24 2011
This and the first are, to me, the only good Kingdom Hearts games. The spinoffs and prequels were really uninteresting.
Anyone agree or am I pissing off people that like the spin offs?
said at 6:50 AM on Sat Sep 21 2013
@Music Meister I haven't played any of the spinoffs yet, but I can't blame anyone for being annoyed with how many of them there are and that it's taken them so long to come out with a new numbered game. To anyone trying to collect all the games and learn the whole story, I imagine that would get old pretty fast.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:07 PM on Fri Nov 1 2013
In their defence, a lot of the side games are crucial to the story or help expand on a lot of things that aren't touched on much in the main series.

In fact, Birth by Sleep, DDD, and to a lesser extent CoM (I say lesser for its unique gameplay rather than the story) are practically de facto main entries in the series. BBS is a prequel to the whole series, and CoM and DDD lead into 2 and 3, so I wouldn't call them spinoffs. 358/Days isn't really necessary, but it does flesh out the Organization. The only one that's really expendable is Coded.
said at 5:19 PM on Fri Nov 1 2013
@NCZ The only side game I've played some of so far is CoM HD, but I believe you. And plus, Nomura said that making all the side games helped him to experiment and see what works and what doesn't in terms of new gameplay elements, and most developers don't get that opportunity. That way it gives him better ideas on what to work with on Kingdom Hearts III, and I'm all for that.
said at 10:32 AM on Wed Nov 27 2013
@Music Meister Out of the spin-offs I played (358/2 Days, CoM, 3Ds, and a little bit of BbS) I enjoyed all of them. Yes, 1 and 2 are the best in my opinion, but the other games were great. I loved how similar the gameplay was in 358/2 Days was to the original 2, I love the flowmotion in 3Ds, the only one I wasn't too fond of was CoM and that was because of the card system.
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