Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors
Voice Director: Patrick Seitz

US/Europe Release: Oct 20, 2017
Japan Release: Sep 28, 2017

Game Developer: Omega Force

Popularity: 57th All Time, 92nd This Week

Franchise: Fire Emblem

Credit Verification: Official Credits

Fire Emblem Warriors Fire Emblem Warriors Cast

Characters On BTVA: 39   |  Additional Voices: 4  |  Sound Clips: 1

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Fire Emblem Warriors Cast

Rowan voiceRowan voiced by 
Nicolas Roye
Lianna voiceLianna voiced by 
Erica Mendez
Marth voiceMarth voiced by 
Yuri Lowenthal
Caeda voiceCaeda voiced by 
Cherami Leigh
Tiki voiceTiki voiced by 
Mela Lee
Navarre voiceNavarre voiced by 
Taliesin Jaffe
Minerva voiceMinerva voiced by 
Cindy Robinson
Linde voiceLinde voiced by 
Julie Ann Taylor
Gharnef voiceGharnef voiced by 
DC Douglas
Celica voiceCelica voiced by 
Erica Lindbeck
Lyn voiceLyn voiced by 
Wendee Lee
Chrom voiceChrom voiced by 
Matthew Mercer
Lucina voiceLucina voiced by 
Alexis Tipton
Lissa voiceLissa voiced by 
Kate Higgins
Frederick voiceFrederick voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Owain voiceOwain voiced by 
Kaiji Tang
Tharja voiceTharja voiced by 
Stephanie Sheh
Olivia voiceOlivia voiced by 
Karen Strassman
Validar voiceValidar voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Ryoma voiceRyoma voiced by 
Matthew Mercer
Xander voiceXander voiced by 
David Stanbra
Azura voiceAzura voiced by 
Rena Strober
Hinoka voiceHinoka voiced by 
Cindy Robinson
Leo voiceLeo voiced by 
Max Mittelman
Camilla voiceCamilla voiced by 
Misty Lee
Elise voiceElise voiced by 
Natalie Lander
Oboro voiceOboro voiced by 
Marisha Ray
Iago voiceIago voiced by 
Kirk Thornton
Darios voiceDarios voiced by 
Xander Mobus
Yelena voiceYelena voiced by 
Nicole Balick
Anna voiceAnna voiced by 
Karen Strassman


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