Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Voice Director: Patrick Seitz

US/Japan/Europe Release: Jul 26, 2019

Game Developer: Intelligent Systems

Popularity: 3rd All Time, 3rd This Week

Franchise: Fire Emblem

Credit Verification: Official Credits

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cast

Characters On BTVA: 74   |  Additional Voices: 20  |  Sound Clips: 3

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cast

Jeralt voice Jeralt voiced by 
David Lodge
Rhea voice Rhea voiced by 
Cherami Leigh
Dedue voice Dedue voiced by 
Ben Lepley
Felix voice Felix voiced by 
Lucien Dodge
Hilda voice Hilda voiced by 
Salli Saffioti
Ashe voice Ashe voiced by 
Shannon McKain
Annette voice Annette voiced by 
Abby Trott
Petra voice Petra voiced by 
Faye Mata
Sylvain voice Sylvain voiced by 
Joe Brogie
Catherine voice Catherine voiced by 
Laura Post
Ingrid voice Ingrid voiced by 
Brittany Cox
Leonie voice Leonie voiced by 
Alois voiceAlois voiced by 
Dave B Mitchell
Seteth voice Seteth voiced by 
Mark Whitten
Tomas voice Tomas voiced by 
Joe Ochman
Gilbert voice Gilbert voiced by 
Doug Stone
Shamir voice Shamir voiced by 
Allegra Clark
Cyril voice Cyril voiced by 
Griffin Burns
Seiros voice Seiros voiced by 
Cherami Leigh
Solon voice Solon voiced by 
Joe Ochman
Cornelia voice Cornelia voiced by 
Jessica Gee
Kostas voice Kostas voiced by 
Brad Venable
Lonato voiceLonato voiced by 
Dave B Mitchell
Miklan voice Miklan voiced by 
Armen Taylor
Randolph voice Randolph voiced by 
Ben Pronsky
Anna voice Anna voiced by 
Karen Strassman
Rodrigue voice Rodrigue voiced by 
Jake Eberle
Nader voice Nader voiced by 
Brad Venable
Nardel voice Nardel voiced by 
Brad Venable
Fleche voice Fleche voiced by 
Eden Riegel
Acheron voice Acheron voiced by 
Doug Erholtz
Yuri voiceYuri voiced by 
Alejandro Saab
Constance voiceConstance voiced by 
Kirsten Day
Balthus voiceBalthus voiced by 
Aaron Hedrick



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