Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade (2021)

Anime Console | 3D Game | Action, Role-playing

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade
US/Japan/Europe Release: Jun 10, 2021

Game Developer: Square Enix
Voice Production: Skylark Sound Studios

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Franchise: Final Fantasy

Credit Verification: Official Credits

The new episode featuring Yuffie is a brand-new adventure in the world of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Play as Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi as she infiltrates Midgar and conspires with Avalanche HQ to steal the ultimate materia from the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade Cast

Voice Actors on BTVA: 18
Characters on BTVA: 9
Additional Voices: 5

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