Far Cry 6 (2021)

Multi-Platform | 3D Game | Action, Adventure, First-person

Far Cry 6
Voice Directors: Alain Abbyad, Amanda Wyatt, Craig Mason, John Clarke, Kim Hurdon, Roger Harris, Simon Peacock, Ted Sutton

US Release: Oct 7, 2021

Game Developer: Ubisoft Toronto

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Franchise: Far Cry

Credit Verification: Official Credits

As Anton Castillo promises to restore the once prosperous island nation of Yara, he is grooming his son, Diego, to become the next presidente. Brave Yaran rebels fight back to take down the brutal dictator.
Growing up in Yara, Dani has experienced the brutality of Anton's rule firsthand. After barely escaping regime forces, Dani joins Libertad, a ragtag group of guerrilla fighters, to liberate their home from Anton's grip and corrupt regime.

Far Cry 6 Far Cry 6 Cast

Characters On BTVA: 57
Additional Voices: 56
Sound Clips: 1

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The Far Cry 6 Cast



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