Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce
US Release: Apr 28, 2009
Japan Release: Feb 26, 2009

Game Developer: Omega Force

Popularity: 3,472nd All Time, 1,741st This Week

Franchise: Dynasty Warriors
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Cast

Characters On BTVA: 45

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Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Cast

Zhang Fei voiceZhang Fei voiced by 
Steve Kramer
Zhuge Liang voiceZhuge Liang voiced by 
Lex Lang
Ma Chao voiceMa Chao voiced by 
David Beron
Wei Yan voiceWei Yan voiced by 
Alan Shearman
Yueying voiceYueying voiced by 
Lara Cody
Sima Yi voiceSima Yi voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Cao Cao voiceCao Cao voiced by 
Douglas Rye
Xu Zhu voiceXu Zhu voiced by 
Doug Stone
Cao Pi voiceCao Pi voiced by 
Doug Erholtz
Zhenji voiceZhenji voiced by 
Wendee Lee
Lu Xun voiceLu Xun voiced by 
Skip Stellrecht
Sun Jian voiceSun Jian voiced by 
James Babson
Lu Meng voiceLu Meng voiced by 
Tony Oliver
Huang Gai voiceHuang Gai voiced by 
Douglas Lee
Ling Tong voiceLing Tong voiced by 
David Lodge
Sun Ce voiceSun Ce voiced by 
Yuri Lowenthal
Xiaoqiao voiceXiaoqiao voiced by 
Carrie Savage
Diaochan voiceDiaochan voiced by 
Carrie Savage
Lu Bu voiceLu Bu voiced by 
Jamieson Price
Zhang Jiao voiceZhang Jiao voiced by 
Doug Stone
Meng Huo voiceMeng Huo voiced by 
Kirk Thornton
Orochi voiceOrochi voiced by 
Gideon Emery
Da Ji voiceDa Ji voiced by 
Stephanie Sheh




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