Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9
US/Europe Release: Feb 13, 2018
Japan Release: Feb 08, 2018

Game Developer: Omega Force

Popularity: 911th All Time, 410th This Week

Franchise: Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors 9 Dynasty Warriors 9 Cast

Characters On BTVA: 94   |  Sound Clips: 1

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Cast

Zhao Yun voiceZhao Yun voiced by 
Gabriel Sousa
Zhang Fei voiceZhang Fei voiced by 
Crash Buist
Liu Bei voiceLiu Bei voiced by 
Nathan Turner
Pang Tong voicePang Tong voiced by 
Chad Hopson
Yueying voiceYueying voiced by 
Kate Jopson
Xingcai voiceXingcai voiced by 
Rachel Delante
Ma Dai voiceMa Dai voiced by 
Ryan Lefton
Guan Suo voiceGuan Suo voiced by 
Maxwell Chase
Xu Shu voiceXu Shu voiced by 
Steven Marter
Zhang Bao voiceZhang Bao voiced by 
David Jonas
Fa Zheng voiceFa Zheng voiced by 
Steve Wilson
Zhou Cang voiceZhou Cang voiced by 
Tommy Cooley
Xiahouji voiceXiahouji voiced by 
Rocio Lopez
Dian Wei voiceDian Wei voiced by 
Jarred Kjack
Xu Zhu voiceXu Zhu voiced by 
Loren Kling
Xu Huang voiceXu Huang voiced by 
Mike Quirk
Zhang He voiceZhang He voiced by 
Ryan Lefton
Cao Pi voiceCao Pi voiced by 
Aric Hendrix
Zhenji voiceZhenji voiced by 
Guerin Piercy
Pang De voicePang De voiced by 
Vic May
Cai Wenji voiceCai Wenji voiced by 
Amber Faith
Jia Xu voiceJia Xu voiced by 
Mike Quirk
Guo Jia voiceGuo Jia voiced by 
Chad Kersch
Yue Jin voiceYue Jin voiced by 
James Simenc
Li Dian voiceLi Dian voiced by 
Maxwell Chase
Yu Jin voiceYu Jin voiced by 
Clinton Elledge
Xun Yu voiceXun Yu voiced by 
Eli Godfrey
Cao Xiu voiceCao Xiu voiced by 
Eric Hoff
Man Chong voiceMan Chong voiced by 
Miles Allen
Xun You voiceXun You voiced by 
Matt Shuster
Zhou Yu voiceZhou Yu voiced by 
James Simenc
Lu Xun voiceLu Xun voiced by 
Dave C. Wright
Gan Ning voiceGan Ning voiced by 
Crash Buist
Lu Meng voiceLu Meng voiced by 
Dieterich Gray
Zhou Tai voiceZhou Tai voiced by 
Mike Quirk
Ling Tong voiceLing Tong voiced by 
Chris Kohls
Sun Ce voiceSun Ce voiced by 
Chad Hopson
Ding Feng voiceDing Feng voiced by 
Taylor Gunn
Lianshi voiceLianshi voiced by 
Lu Su voiceLu Su voiced by 
Philip Hersh
Han Dang voiceHan Dang voiced by 
Thom Rivera
Zhu Ran voiceZhu Ran voiced by 
Josh George
Cheng Pu voiceCheng Pu voiced by 
Smokey Miles
Sima Yi voiceSima Yi voiced by 
D. Padraic
Sima Shi voiceSima Shi voiced by 
D. Padraic
Sima Zhao voiceSima Zhao voiced by 
Ian Coleman
Deng Ai voiceDeng Ai voiced by 
Jose Saldana
Zhong Hui voiceZhong Hui voiced by 
James Butler
Zhuge Dan voiceZhuge Dan voiced by 
Thom Rivera
Xiahou Ba voiceXiahou Ba voiced by 
Jared Price
Guo Huai voiceGuo Huai voiced by 
Philip Hersh
Jia Chong voiceJia Chong voiced by 
Josh George
Wen Yang voiceWen Yang voiced by 
David Jonas
Diaochan voiceDiaochan voiced by 
Talia Davis
Lu Bu voiceLu Bu voiced by 
Vic May
Dong Zhuo voiceDong Zhuo voiced by 
Jonas Torres
Zhang Jiao voiceZhang Jiao voiced by 
Phil Miller
Zhurong voiceZhurong voiced by 
Meghan Lewis
Zuo Ci voiceZuo Ci voiced by 
Smokey Miles
Lu Lingqi voiceLu Lingqi voiced by 
Kacie Rogers
Hua Xiong voiceHua Xiong voiced by 
Tim Budas
Yuan Shu voiceYuan Shu voiced by 
Paul Hertel



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