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New Pokemon Snap Teaser Trailer Disgaea 6 English Voice Cast Hogwarts Legacy Delayed To 2022 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Bowser Trailer League of Legends Season 2021 Cinematic King of Fighers XV Trailer

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New Pokemon Snap Teaser TrailerNew Pokemon Snap Teaser Trailer

Get out your cameras again, because the journey through the photogenic Lental region starts April 30th on Nintendo Switch.

Friday January 22nd, 2021
League of Legends Season 2021 CinematicLeague of Legends Season 2021 Cinematic

A new year means a new season and with the return of a king comes the ruin of everything he touches.

Tuesday January 19th, 2021
Disgaea 6 English Voice CastDisgaea 6 English Voice Cast

The next installment in the Disgaea series, dubbed "Defiance of Destiny" comes out January 28th.

Saturday January 16th, 2021
Hogwarts Legacy Delayed To 2022Hogwarts Legacy Delayed To 2022

Set in the Wizarding World of the late 1800s, the open world Hogwarts game has been pushed back a year. Rewatch the reveal trailer.

Friday January 15th, 2021
King of Fighers XV TrailerKing of Fighers XV Trailer

SNK is bringing the fighters back in 2021. Check out the first 6 playable characters in the roster.

Thursday January 14th, 2021
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Bowser TrailerSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Bowser Trailer

Bowser is back, and he's bigger and badder. Watch Mario in his new power suit take on Bowser Jr's dad.

Wednesday January 13th, 2021
New Indiana Jones Game TeaserNew Indiana Jones Game Teaser

Indy will return in a new adventure game from Bethesda and MachineGames.

Tuesday January 12th, 2021
Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding TrailerMonster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding Trailer

Take control and harness the power of the beasts with Wyvern riding in the upcoming Monster Hunter game, out March 2021.

Friday January 8th, 2021
Guilty Gear Strive Reveals Anji Mito As Newest FighterGuilty Gear Strive Reveals Anji Mito As Newest Fighter

The fan favorite is the 14th fighter in the roster for the newest Guilty Gear game.

Thursday December 31st, 2020
Bleach's Yoruichi Joins Jump ForceBleach's Yoruichi  Joins Jump Force

Watch the teaser of Yoruichi Shihoin in action as she brings her speed and strength to the fighting game's roster.

Wednesday December 23rd, 2020
Jurassic World Aftermath Launch TrailerJurassic World Aftermath Launch Trailer

Return to Isla Nublar and face dinosaurs in the VR experience on the Oculus Quest Platform.

Thursday December 17th, 2020
Teaser for Next Mass Effect InstallmentTeaser for Next Mass Effect Installment

After three major entries, Bioware has teased a new chapter in their sci-fi video game series.

Wednesday December 16th, 2020
Dragon Age 4 Cinematic Teaser TrailerDragon Age 4 Cinematic Teaser Trailer

The world of Dragon Age needs a new hero. Varric narrates the teaser for the next installment of Dragon Age.

Monday December 14th, 2020
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Fred Tatasciore
  1. Fred Tatasciore - 445
  2. Steve Blum - 439
  3. Charles Martinet - 317
  4. Christopher Sabat - 307
  5. Lani Minella - 304
  6. Wes Johnson - 302
  7. Yuri Lowenthal - 275
  8. Dee Bradley Baker - 271
  9. Laura Bailey - 250
  10. Nolan North - 250