YooHoo to the Rescue

YooHoo to the Rescue
Voice Directors: Courtney Sanford, Joseph Purdy, Mellie Buse, Tony Oliver

US Release: Mar 15, 2019 - Ongoing

Popularity: 3,890th All Time, 865th This Week

Genre: Children
YooHoo to the Rescue YooHoo to the Rescue Cast

Characters On BTVA: 60

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Main YooHoo to the Rescue Cast

Yoohoo voice Yoohoo voiced by 
Kira Buckland
Pammee voice Pammee voiced by 
Ryan Bartley
Roodee voice Roodee voiced by 
Lucien Dodge
Slo voice Slo voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Lora voice Lora voiced by 
Erica Mendez

Guest Stars

Rina voice Rina voiced by 
Erika Harlacher
Rino voice Rino voiced by 
Chris Hackney
Batu voice Batu voiced by 
Mela Lee
Luna voice Luna voiced by 
Faye Mata
Acha voice Acha voiced by 
Brian Beacock
Aha voice Aha voiced by 
Mickey Caputo
Anu voice Anu voiced by 
Lucien Dodge
Khan voice Khan voiced by 
Alejandro Saab
Bo voice Bo voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Betty voice Betty voiced by 
Erica Mendez
Shooga voice Shooga voiced by 
Faye Mata
Hapee voice Hapee voiced by 
Erica Mendez
Supee voice Supee voiced by 
Laura Stahl
Nepee voice Nepee voiced by 
Kimberly Woods
Otto voice Otto voiced by 
Wade Ryan
Otis voice Otis voiced by 
Jeannie Tirado
Max voice Max voiced by 
Joe Hernandez
Bear voice Bear voiced by 
Brian Beacock
Snake voice Snake voiced by 
Brian Beacock
Turbo voice Turbo voiced by 
Brock Powell
Azul voice Azul voiced by 
Wade Ryan
Bleu voice Bleu voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Trevor voice Trevor voiced by 
Laura Stahl
Cody voice Cody voiced by 
Brian Beacock
Tottee voice Tottee voiced by 
Mickey Caputo
Boa voice Boa voiced by 
Ryan Bartley
Jolley voice Jolley voiced by 
Cherami Leigh
Alvin voice Alvin voiced by 
Jon Allen
Corney voice Corney voiced by 
Brock Powell
Stompee voice Stompee voiced by 
Kellen Goff
Eggy voice Eggy voiced by 
Corina Boettger
Mango voice Mango voiced by 
Faye Mata
Paul voice Paul voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Lyra voice Lyra voiced by 
Erica Mendez
Rocky voice Rocky voiced by 
Kaiji Tang
Skipee voice Skipee voiced by 
Frank Todaro
Sam voice Sam voiced by 
Erica Mendez
Bolt voice Bolt voiced by 
Dino Andrade
Chase voice Chase voiced by 
Xander Mobus
Spotee voice Spotee voiced by 
Allegra Clark
Ricky voice Ricky voiced by 
Brock Powell
Kixx voice Kixx voiced by 
Brad Venable



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