World War Blue

World War Blue
Voice Directors: Brittany Lauda, Matt Shipman (Temporary)

US Release: Feb 06, 2017 - Feb 20, 2017
Japan Release: Oct 20, 2012 - Apr 04, 2013

Popularity: 4,127th All Time, 625th This Week

Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy
World War Blue World War Blue Cast

Characters On BTVA: 26   |  Additional Voices: 8

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Main Cast

Gear voice Gear voiced by 
Matt Shipman
Tejilof voice Tejilof voiced by 
Y. Chang
Nel voice Nel voiced by 
Cait Powers-Page
Opal voice Opal voiced by 
Brittany Lauda

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

Marcus voice Marcus voiced by 
Mike Pollock
Harris voice Harris voiced by 
Adam Rowe
Nobi voice Nobi voiced by 
Allen Winter
Boyz voice Boyz voiced by 
Jake Paque
E. Vazer voice E. Vazer voiced by 
Sam Black
T'Fight voice T'Fight voiced by 
Meli Grant
Patry voice Patry voiced by 
Emi Lo
Fai voice Fai voiced by 
Amanda Lee
Kurvay voice Kurvay voiced by 
Kira Buckland
Guligi voice Guligi voiced by 
Mike Pollock




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