Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men
Voice Director: Jamie Simone

US Premiere: Sep 08, 2008
US Conclusion: 2009

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26

Popularity: 227th All Time, 349th This Week

Franchise: X-Men
Characters on BTVA: 59
Wolverine and the X-Men Wolverine and the X-Men Cast
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8000 Saiyans
said at 11:38 PM on Mon Jul 2 2018
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Graham McTavish's Sebastian Shaw is probably my favorite performance in this cartoon. He's just as good as whoever played him in TAS.
EPA Deane
said at 10:45 AM on Fri Apr 6 2018
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Coming Back To This is an.... Interesting Experience.....

The Voice Castings are Really Solid, I Love Most of The Character Designs and It Made Nightcrawler my Favourite X Men Character.

One of The Biggest Issues With the Show is that the Serialised Nature of the Narrative Feels Disjointed, Hampering Opportunities For Character Development (Especially With Regards to Cyclops) and Sidelining A Lot of The Main Cast.

I Can't Hate The Show since I Respect it for Its Ambition and If Nothing Else some of the Best Castings for X Men Characters Came from this show (and Were Perfected in later Reprisals).
said at 12:30 PM on Mon Oct 2 2017
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I'm probably in a minority of people that think this show wasn't that good. Don't get me wrong the animation and voice cast were all flawless but my gripes are the writing and story.
8000 Saiyans
said at 3:40 PM on Wed Oct 18 2017
@emac I think this show had some good ideas, but I wasn't fond of Cyclops being whiny, Wolverine being the leader and a hypocrite, Jean Grey and Xavier being reduced to plot devices and Storm barely doing anything. Come on, it's freaking Storm, one of the core X-Men members.

Anyway, the animation was smoother than the animation from X-Men TAS, but the designs weren't anything that special IMO.
8000 Saiyans
said at 3:50 PM on Sat Oct 21 2017
@emac I'll also say that I didn't like that they made Nitro sympathetic.
said at 5:07 PM on Wed Mar 15 2017
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I really enjoyed this series with great ensemble cast it also had really good writing with adding DOFP and Phoenix saga story into it to bad it was canceled it would've been cool to see them do the Apocalypse storyline in season 2
said at 8:10 PM on Sun May 22 2016
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Female Master Mold is best Master Mold.
HK-47 master
said at 2:54 PM on Sun May 22 2016
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I know that a lot of people dislike the show's depiction of Cyclops but I like to think of it this way, at least he got more character development and focus than he did in the X-Men films.
said at 4:50 PM on Sun May 22 2016
@HK-47 master
Can't disagree with that.
Shaun Ince
said at 8:48 AM on Sun Oct 15 2017
@HK-47 master I agree & disagree. While it's a step up from how the movies portrayed him, they still made him unlikable to a certain extent. I want to see Nolan get another shot at voicing Cyclops, similar to how he was portrayed in the X-Men motion comics(Astonishing X-Men to be precise)
8000 Saiyans
said at 11:49 AM on Wed Oct 18 2017
@HK-47 master Maybe, but Cyclops is still pretty unlikable. That's why I'm not that fond of Nolan North's performance like many others are. He needs better material in order to make a big impression on me.
said at 6:32 PM on Sun Feb 1 2015
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My only beef is that Wolverine is the main character. I feel as though Wolverine works better as a supporting character, and am getting tired of him as the lead in every X-Men adaptation. But, the show is pretty darn good in spite of that.
said at 11:14 PM on Sat May 11 2013
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Is there a "Vote all Wolverine and the X-Men voices for all voice compares" button? lol. But seriously though, this show is AMAZING! Even if you're not into X-Men, I still say check it out. It converted me
said at 4:10 PM on Mon Apr 15 2013
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I can't believe this got cancelled. It was one of Marvel's best shows IMO.
Foxwolf (Admin)
said at 1:40 AM on Fri Apr 23 2010
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it's true. i'm sure the disney/marvel deal is a cause of this.

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