Tribe Nine (2022)

Anime Series | 2D Animation | Action, Dystopian, Sports

Tribe Nine
Voice Directors: Marissa Lenti, Amber Lee Connors (Assistant), Daman Mills (Assistant), Mike Haimoto (Assistant)

US Release: Jan 31, 2022
Japan Release: Jan 10, 2022

Animation Studio: Lidenfilms
Original Platform: Funimation
Voice Production: Sound Cadence Studios

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20XX: Neo-Tokyo's government implements "the XB Law," a measure intended to address the growing issue of youth gang Tribal warfare and resulting violence. Their loyalty to and pride in their Tribes so fierce, Neo-Tokyo's young pour their all into Extreme Baseball, the new means to resolve all conflict between the Tribes. Two outsiders, the doormat, Haru, and the foreigner, Taiga, are recruited into the underdog Minato Tribe. Meanwhile, Neo-Tokyo's king has other ideas for the new national pasttime...

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