Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul
Voice Directors: Mike McFarland, J Michael Tatum (Temporary)

US Premiere: Mar 25, 2017
US Home Media: Sep 22, 2015
Japan Premiere: Jul 04, 2014
Japan Conclusion: Sep 19, 2014

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 12

Animation Studio: Pierrot

Popularity: 34th All Time, 15th This Week

Franchise: Tokyo Ghoul
Characters on BTVA: 61
Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul Cast
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said at 12:58 PM on Tue Feb 6 2018
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This dub is great TBH. Some of my favorite performances would be Austin Tindle as Kenaki who managed to nail the emotional scenes, Brina Palencina as Ayra who managed to bring out every inch of aggression the character possessed, Todd Haberkorn as Ayato who delivered a sinister and chilling performance, J Micheal Tatum as Shu who killed it as the Tokyo Goul version of Scott Freeman (especially with the napkin scene) and Maxey Whitehead as Juzo who brought out how truly crazy the character was. I wish I could go on and on but I'd be here all day.
said at 7:36 PM on Sat Mar 11 2017
Really cool and interesting show with a great dub cast and a awesome season finale
said at 3:38 AM on Wed Jan 4 2017
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Really cant say enough about Austin tindle and Brina in this, ive rewatched this show 3 times just for those two they were great as Kaneki, and Touka.
said at 1:01 AM on Sat Nov 5 2016
I would love to see 4kids try to dub this along with elfen lied.
said at 1:23 AM on Sat Nov 5 2016
said at 10:41 AM on Fri Jan 1 2016
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I finally had the sublime pleasure to sit down and watch the first season of Tokyo Ghoul dubbed which I've been patiently waiting to see in english for over a year and a half. It was well worth the wait because in my long experience a Mike Mcfarland dub is going to dominate and deliver in many spades when it comes to the emotional integrity of a show. Mike's directing work tends to spew presence and gravitas in such a manner that even the most talented veteran ADR directors working in today's dubbing medium rarely are able to touch or emulate he's that damn good. (The dub was only richer for having Tatum on board as an Assistant ADR Director) You know you're in for a great viewing experience when the opening scene of a dub is Monica Rial and Chris Sabat verbally trashing each other in quiet displays of insanity. What I appreciate about Mike's casting for this particular dub is that he genuinely challenged veteran actors like Monica Rial, Chris Sabat and Kenny Green in such roles that demanded them to break away from their type casting and try to create an entirely new vocal performance that we haven't heard from them ever before or in quite some time. Sabat is the greatest example of this casting never before has he sounded more crazed, consumed and hell bent on destroying the dubbing landscape with his rapid burned throat vocal delivery or during the more intimate moments slowly bringing a seething madman calm to the one on one conversational scenes. I recall during an interview in 2014 Austin Tindle mentioned that he would never be able to do the type of acting that Bryce Pappenbrook brought to the role of Eren in the Attack on Titan dub. Well Tindle brought a vicious emotional gauntlet to the role of Kaneki that not only surpassed Bryce's solid performance as Eren but proved that not only can Austin bring such emotional turmoil to a voice role but he's genuinely a competent actor that is well worth cheering for when he bears it all for the grand stage. I've had my eye on his work and progress in the field for years now I'm glad my initial interest has bear fruit because his performance as Kaneki his hands down the most impressive dramatic performance I've seen from him to date in the dubbing field. I've been a fan of Kenny Green for a long while an underrated actor that is usually cast in minor supporting roles outside of One Piece(where he's given more room to shine in much larger roles in general) so I was pleased to see that he was cast in a much more prominent role in the Tokyo Ghoul dub as the vicious and whimsical Kureo Mado. Kenny was gleeful and devoured the scenery in what is his best vocal role to date it allowed him vocally to go everywhere from an almost high pitched accent driven voice at times to a more cutthroat gurgling glass throaty vocal affair that was fitting for the more dramatic moments. Kenny Green has been and is one of the most competent older acting talents from Funimation's talent pool along side Bill Jenkins, Bradley Campbell and Ed Blaylock to name a few. I look forward to seeing him pile up more roles in the year ahead. Monica Rial is one of my all time favorite actresses she rarely disappoints when it comes to bringing some type of memorable presence to any role she touches whether it be a large or minor role in general. Monica has a wonderful range that she been able to use much more frequently in recent years so its always nice to hear more layered deeper range in full action. Monica's Rize Kamishiro was excellent..crazed and over the top when needed more drawn back and nuanced during the mellow scenes. If you ever wanted to see Monica play an unhinged character then this is the performance to see. J. Michael Tatum is a verbal poet in his uncanny ability to display any type of emotion with powerful results he's one of the best actors in the entire dubbing medium and his delightful performance as Shu Tsukiyama just re-confirms this in my mind. Tatum was smooth, malicious, insane and cool headed in his brief but impressive performance. The Tokyo Ghoul dub was a better dub when Tatum was on screen and when he left you wish his crazed character world return to shake up the status quo once more. Brina Palencia has always been a fine actress but when compared to the onslaught of stand out performances her take was a bit more average in comparison but she certainly had a few solid moments through out the dub that I found to be rather notable particularly the cool deeper boyish delivery of her line to Tatum's Tsukiyama in the chapel when she declares that Kaneki belongs to nobody. I've always found Mike Mcfarland to be a stronger ADR Director then actor but he's slowly been improving in the last two years to the point where he had some genuine presence as Amon at times through out the run of the dub. Its certainly one of the more noteworthy performances he's given in a dub for me personally in recent memory...
said at 10:44 AM on Fri Jan 1 2016
(continuing from first message from above)...Funimation's recent ADR scripts have been all over the place in terms of quality writing this year but ADR script of Tokyo Ghoul was one of more competent writing efforts I've seen from them. Now its not perfect I could of done without the words bonehead, dang and the multiple uses of crap through the dub's script I've always preferred the word **** over crap it just flows better in dialogue form in my opinion. These are minor complaints tho overall the stronger points of dialogue from the script outshine the weaker points in the writing. Its a step in the right direction for Funimation's ADR writing tho this is just one example in what varies from script to script. Genuinely well written dialogue in the dubbing medium is much harder to come by now days but when its done in a competent manner its appreciated by this dialogue fan. What I found odd was in the final fight between Kaneki and Jason in Japanese from episode 12 Jason repeatedly screams out Kaneki's name during their brawl yet during the fight in the dub Jason just grunts and yells but never calls out Kaneki's name at all. I'm curious if this done on purpose by the ADR writers and Mike or they simply missed it by mistake? I suppose the third option could be they found it wasn't needed dialogue wise for the fight it doesn't take away from the scene in the dub but its strange that it wasn't added. It would of been cool to see Jerry Jewell, Bill Jenkins and Mark Fickert cast somewhere in this dub alas it wasn't meant to be perhaps in the next Mcfarland dubbing production overall the first season of the Tokyo Ghoul dub is quite good probably the best dub Mike has directed since Hal and certain aspects of the Attack on Titan dub. The Blood Blockade Battlefront dub is competent and has its moments but I feel the Tokyo Ghoul dub is on a whole another level when it comes to voice direction and performances. I'm looking forward to seeing how Mike handled the casting and direction for the upcoming The Boy and the Beast dub( Its very likely he'll be the ADR Director given his work on past Mamoru Hosoda titles) and to finally see how he directed the Evangelion 3.33: You Can {Not} Redo dub in the months ahead. I do hope that ADR Directors from everywhere will make note and rise to Mike Mcfarland's level of quality when it comes to casting and voice direction in their future work because quite frankly his work proves that their is no room for mediocrity or average fare in today's dubbing industry. I feel the dub was stronger then the show itself but that aside Tokyo Ghoul is a fairly decent show that has its moments of quality that stray somewhere between average and solid given the content at hand.
said at 7:25 PM on Fri Feb 19 2016
@IAMTHEVASTUNIVERSE As much i would agree to that i haven't seen yet so i may not judge on that completely and on what you're getting at, but sheesh you ought split them down into paragraphs so it'll make it easier to read about when it comes to your thoughts and opinions next time.

Just like i was doing right now, and besides, it doesn't matter that you have to continue by stopping and replying to yourself to finish the thoughts, just saying for my advice.

And yeah if it isn't directly abused by using curse languages sparatically, only for a matter of moments and reactions, i'll be really cool with that.

I guess it might have anything to do with them not being used to those just yet, they'll get to know what? You'll get what i'm saying, cause i'm not usually dabbles down the summaries i mostly think up on.
said at 9:58 PM on Fri Oct 9 2015
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I believe when we watch an anime in a language that we understand without the subtitles, we can grasp the whole anime itself, and make a pure review of it.

The whole Tokyo Ghoul series was an amazing piece of art that hardly I will forget. Both society moments, understanding which of the sides have the right to be chosen by the viewers in that uncomprehended war, humans or ghouls.

Perhaps the final arc, Root A, left the story with unanswered questions, doubt about what happened with the characters after the fall of Anteiku and some unclarified details, but watching how the ghouls wanted to be understood by the human world in all the road made the anime enjoyable, dramatic, touching and maybe intriguing.

The English Dubbed: Amazing performances by the actors. Worth watching.

Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyo Ghoul Root A ................... 8.8/10
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