Tide-Line Blue (2007)

Anime Series | 2D Animation | Adventure, Drama, Post-Apocalyptic

Tide-Line Blue
Voice Directors: James Corrigall, Marc Matsumoto

US Release: May 15, 2007 - Nov 6, 2007
Japan Release: Jul 6, 2005 - Sep 29, 2005

Animation Studio: Telecom Animation Film
Voice Production: Blue Water Studios

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14 years after a catastrophic even flooded the earth, the remaining countries have joined together in to form a new UN. But the bitter submarine captain Gould attacks, demanding the world submit to him, and two brothers, Keel and Teen, find themselves caught on opposite sides of the conflict.

This 13 episodes series was originally released in English on DVD by Bandai Entertainment.

Tide-Line Blue Tide-Line Blue Cast

Characters On BTVA: 36
Sound Clips: 7

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