The Magical World of Gigi (1984)

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The Magical World of Gigi
Voice Directors: Robert V Barron, Tom Wyner

US Release: 1984
Japan Release: Mar 18, 1982 - May 26, 1983

Animation Studio: Ashi Productions
Voice Production: Intersound, Inc.

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Franchise: Minky Momo

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A gifted veterinarian finds himself constantly called away for his expertise, as his equally skilled wife runs their home practice animal hospital and pet store. Together wishing one night that they could have a child, they awaken and greet their young daughter, only slightly jarred by her existence. Unbeknownst to the people of Earth, a kingdom of dreams exists, its monarchs watching them; hearing the couple's plea, the king and queen of the land of dreams implant their daughter (and her three critter companions) into the couple's lives. Matching her adoptive parents' zeal for helping others and in line with her birth parents' intentions, the princess of the land of dreams uses her human conscientiousness and her celestial powers to make the Earth a better, happier place.

Titled Fairy Princess Minky Momo in Japan, this 63 episode half-hour TV series saw 52 of its episodes dubbed into English in California by Intersound under the auspices of Harmony Gold and Embassy Communications World Wide between 1984 and 1985. Retitled The Magical World of Gigi and featuring some name changes, this dub was initially only released via a TV broadcast in Australia starting in late 1986. Some foreign-language dubs use the English Gigi dub as a base.

Later, via William Winckler Productions, the dub in its entirety was made available for purchase on Amazon via thirteen "features," each consisting of four episodes back-to-back, with all ENG OPs and EDs removed, translated JPN episode title cards inserted, and the JPN OP and ED added at the head and tail. The dub episodes, both as originally broadcast on TV and as presented via the Winckler version, are largely unavailable currently.

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