The Loud House

The Loud House
Voice Director: Lisa Schaffer

US Release: May 02, 2016 - Ongoing

Popularity: 37th All Time, 41st This Week

Franchise: Loud House
The Loud House The Loud House Cast

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Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Bobby voice Bobby voiced by 
Carlos Pena
Flip voice Flip voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Zach voice Zach voiced by 
Jessica DiCicco
Harold voice Harold voiced by 
Wayne Brady
Frida voice Frida voiced by 
Roxana Ortega
Carlota voice Carlota voiced by 
Alexa Vega
CJ voice CJ voiced by 
Jared Kozak
Carl voice Carl voiced by 
Alex Cazares
Pop Pop voice Pop Pop voiced by 
Fred Willard
Kotaro voice Kotaro voiced by 
Phil LaMarr
Stella voice Stella voiced by 
Haley Tju
Chunk voice Chunk voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Seymour voice Seymour voiced by 
Rob Paulsen
Fiona voice Fiona voiced by 
Alexandra Ryan
Haiku voice Haiku voiced by 
Georgie Kidder
Par voice Par voiced by 
Sunil Malhotra
Mr. Chang voice Mr. Chang voiced by 
Ken Jeong

Guest Stars

Trashy voice 
creature voice
Trashy voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Nun voice Nun voiced by 
Lara Jill Miller
Chad voice Chad voiced by 
Nika Futterman
Sean voice Sean voiced by 
Jess Harnell
Donnie voice Donnie voiced by 
Maddie Taylor
Tethers voice Tethers voiced by 
Alan Ruck
Kirby voice Kirby voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Bates voice Bates voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Andrew voice Andrew voiced by 
Jacob Hopkins
Joy voice Joy voiced by 
Sydney Mikayla
Bryant voice Bryant voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Coach voice Coach voiced by 
Wade Williams
Hawk voice Hawk voiced by 
Wilber Zaldivar
Hank voice Hank voiced by 
Mateus Ward
Tabby voice Tabby voiced by 
Pamela Adlon
DJ voice DJ voiced by 
Charlie Schlatter
Loki voice Loki voiced by 
Seth Green
Loni voice Loni voiced by 
Sean Astin
Luke voice Luke voiced by 
Greg Cipes
Lane voice Lane voiced by 
Rob Paulsen
Lars voice Lars voiced by 
Jessica DiCicco
Maggie voice Maggie voiced by 
Kari Wahlgren
Mom #1 voice Mom #1 voiced by 
April Stewart
Mom #2 voice Mom #2 voiced by 
Kari Wahlgren
Hugh voice Hugh voiced by 
Matt Kirshen
Senior voice Senior voiced by 
Rob Paulsen
Steve voice Steve voiced by 
Phil LaMarr
Ted voice Ted voiced by 
Jim Meskimen
Teri voice Teri voiced by 
Jessica DiCicco
Pep voice Pep voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Umpire voice Umpire voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Tad voice Tad voiced by 
Brian Stepanek
Penelope voice Penelope voiced by 
Zoe Pessin
Goon #1 voice Goon #1 voiced by 
Jeff Bennett
Corinne voice Corinne voiced by 
Jan Johns
Griselda voice Griselda voiced by 
Jill Talley
Edwin voice Edwin voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Sam voice Sam voiced by 
Jill Talley
Beau voice Beau voiced by 
Carson Park
Belle voice Belle voiced by 
Stephanie Sheh
Darcy voice Darcy voiced by 
Mariel Sheets
Nigel voice Nigel voiced by 
Nika Futterman
Kirk Fogg voice Kirk Fogg voiced by 
Kirk Fogg
Stan voice Stan voiced by 
Jace Norman
Steak voice Steak voiced by 
Cooper Barnes
Tim voice Tim voiced by 
Bill Mumy
Warren voice Warren voiced by 
Collin Dean
New Girl voice New Girl voiced by 
Haley Tju
Danny voice Danny voiced by 
Caleel Harris
Brenda voice Brenda voiced by 
Liliana Mumy
Blair voice Blair voiced by 
Liliana Mumy
Bodhi voice Bodhi voiced by 
Nika Futterman
Bertha voice Bertha voiced by 
Blair Dinucci
Beth voice Beth voiced by 
Lisa Schaffer
Belinda voice Belinda voiced by 
Lea Moreno
Brandy voice Brandy voiced by 
Lisa Schaffer
Brie voice Brie voiced by 
Chrissy Cannone
Birdje voice Birdje voiced by 
Lea Moreno
Sameer voice Sameer voiced by 
Makana Say
Paula voice Paula voiced by 
Cree Summer
Amy voice Amy voiced by 
Maile Flanagan
Megan voice Megan voiced by 
Cree Summer
Cop voice Cop voiced by 
Jamie Kaler
Tristan voice Tristan voiced by 
Jack Griffo
Dr. J. voice Dr. J. voiced by 
Sirena Irwin
Trent voice Trent voiced by 
Tex Hammond
Orderly voice Orderly voiced by 
Phil LaMarr
Gabby voice Gabby voiced by 
Kari Wahlgren
Kelly voice Kelly voiced by 
Jill Talley
Tie Guy voice Tie Guy voiced by 
Jeff Bennett
Jackie voice Jackie voiced by 
Romi Dames
Sebastian voice Sebastian voiced by 
Romi Dames
Ms. Pham voice Ms. Pham voiced by 
Lauren Tom
Byron voice Byron voiced by 
Maile Flanagan
Cici voice Cici voiced by 
Lauren Tom
Kurt voice Kurt voiced by 
Daran Norris
Jock (1) voice Jock (1) voiced by 
Carlos Pena
Mover voice Mover voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Doug voice Doug voiced by 
Doug Rockwell
Bert voice Bert voiced by 
Daran Norris
Boy voice Boy voiced by 
Cree Summer
Teen Boy voice Teen Boy voiced by 
Ben Giroux
Amir voice Amir voiced by 
Parsa Montazeri
Sasha voice Sasha voiced by 
Marlow Barkley
Rex voice Rex voiced by 
Eric Bauza
Leo voice Leo voiced by 
Ogie Banks
Spencer voice Spencer voiced by 
Ogie Banks
Bruno voice Bruno voiced by 
Eric Bauza
Cory voice Cory voiced by 
Eric Bauza
TV Boy voice TV Boy voiced by 
Roxana Ortega
Joke Guy voice Joke Guy voiced by 
Bruce Locke
Dona voice Dona voiced by 
Alex Cazares
Busker voice Busker voiced by 
Dino Andrade
Yoon Kwan voice Yoon Kwan voiced by 
Eric Nam
GPS voice GPS voiced by 
Catherine Taber
Boris voice Boris voiced by 
Nika Futterman
Waiter (3) voice Waiter (3) voiced by 
James Sie
Lacey voice Lacey voiced by 
Chandni Parekh
Percy voice Percy voiced by 
John DiMaggio
Trevor voice Trevor voiced by 
Ben Giroux


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