The Barefoot Bandits

The Barefoot Bandits
US Release: Feb 14, 2016 - Ongoing

Popularity: 2,651st All Time, 1,073rd This Week

Franchise: Barefoot Bandits
The Barefoot Bandits The Barefoot Bandits Cast

Characters On BTVA: 81   |  Sound Clips: 2

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Main Cast

Tane voice Tane voiced by 
Tammy Davis
Fridge voice Fridge voiced by 
Josh Thomson
Riley voice Riley voiced by 
Laura Daniel

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

Laika 9A voice Laika 9A voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
Blitzen voice 
creature voice
Blitzen voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
The Kea voice 
creature voice
The Kea voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
Bluey voice 
creature voice
Bluey voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
Kenny voice Kenny voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
Chrichard voice Chrichard voiced by 
Karl Wills
TV Mum voice TV Mum voiced by 
Rima Te Wiata
Bigfoot voice Bigfoot voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
Tiara voice Tiara voiced by 
Olivia Tennet
Stan voice Stan voiced by 
David Correos
Bevan voice Bevan voiced by 
Toby Sharpe
Gelatim voice Gelatim voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
Gelatony voice Gelatony voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
Gelatom voice Gelatom voiced by 
Ryan Cooper
Jimmy voice Jimmy voiced by 
Jamaine Ross
Beekle voice Beekle voiced by 
Blake Lockie
Glenk voice Glenk voiced by 
Cohen Cooper
Slug voice Slug voiced by 
Matt Heath


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