Superbook (2011)

Superbook (2011)
US Release: Sep 01, 2011

Popularity: 2,279th All Time, 551st This Week

Franchise: Superbook
Superbook (2011) Superbook (2011) Cast

Characters On BTVA: 299

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Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

John voiceJohnvoiced by
John Payne
Will voiceWillvoiced by
Matt Hill
Caleb voiceCalebvoiced by
Lee Tockar
Jonah voiceJonahvoiced by
Bill Mondy
King voiceKingvoiced by
John Payne
Noah voiceNoahvoiced by
Ron Halder
Man voiceManvoiced by
Ron Halder
Purah voicePurahvoiced by
Lee Tockar
Angel voiceAngelvoiced by
Ian Hanlin
Ezra voiceEzravoiced by
Garry Chalk
Carson voiceCarsonvoiced by
Matt Hill
Thug voiceThugvoiced by
Sam Vincent


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